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The American attacks on Canadian health care – what an opportunity for Iggy – but will he run with it?

Canada’s health care system has been under a barrage of attacks both in the blogosphere and in the MSM lately – not to mention the mass idiocy that is taking place at those so-called “Town Hall Meetings”. What a crock. Here’s an excerpt:

In one particularly heated exchange, Craig Anthony Miller, 59, stood inches from Mr Specter’s face screaming at him and waving a copy of the US Constitution.

“You are trampling our Constitution,” Mr Miller yelled while police officers hovered nervously around him. “One day, God is going to stand before you, and He is going to judge you and the rest of your damn cronies [in the Congress], and then you will get your just deserts,” he ranted to loud applause before storming out of the room.

Seriously. How do these morons summon up the brain capacity to breathe and talk at the same time?

These attacks have been well-coordinated and organized by the usual right-wing nut groups whose alleged motivation is the preservation of good health care and free enterprise but whose real impetus is the protection of their own collective ass.

I haven’t said much about this whole health care thing – and I have been saving a sort of “omnibus” entry about our system for a later date. Yet, what I do see at the moment is a perfect chance for Iggy and Grits to define themselves as the defenders of the faith – if you will.

What a great issue to latch on to and gain exposure from!

What a high profile and attack-ad proof way to define the leader’s persona and purpose than to vigorously defend an institution that most Canadians identify as being a hallmark of our society!

Yes, most of us realize that it has its blemishes and warts and I don’t differ from this view. It is indeed a system that is in need of a new focus and new thinking. But that being said, it is a fair and modern system of which we should be conditionally proud. And from coast to coast, I would guess that this would be the consensus opinion.

But will Ignatieff step up to the plate? The Harperites are, of course, silent on this. They know that by defending a system that their core supporters (the religious right and the ultra right wingnuts) view with suspicion, they are opening themselves up to internal dissent. And we all know that the ReformCons go tut-tut at any type of dissent.

How about it Grits? Here is a tailor-made, made-in-Canada, attack-ad-proof issue for you to grab and run with? Are you going to take it?


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  1. Fat Arse says:

    Hey kid (n.b. sorry for the ageism, but based on a perusal of your site I can only assume you’re younger than I- mostly cause you seem cooler) – anyway I enjoyed the posts I read. You are both semi-insightful and funny. BTW, think you could possibly put more bells & whistles on this site so that I may, perchance, be able to complete a full morning shave before it is done loading?

    1. trashee says:

      LOL! And thanks for the compliment!
      Well, I’m not exactly young… reluctantly pushing into my later 40’s… and if I seem cool it’s just because I have a 16 year old daughter who keeps me honest!
      I wonder what is causing the page to load slowly? I’ll look into that. I have tried to stick with basic stuff (although there is a lot) and stay away from memory intensive content.

  2. Geordie Tom says:

    Maybe Iggy is a bit ‘iffy’ about defending Canadian health care since he doesn’t use it. I’m sure his private medical usage is on somebody’s desk just like Jack’s was. Don’t attack if you have to defend.

  3. Ken says:

    I’m with you, Trashee. Like I’ve been saying, Iggy et al need to get their faces on TV, debate a topic or two instead of just blustering.

    This is as good a topic as any to give them the exposure.

    That being said, I suspect the Conservatives are silent because they have more important issues at home than worrying about what our crazy U.S. neighbours are frothing at the mouth about.

  4. Lyn says:

    Boy are you behind the times – Ujjal Dosanjh already spoke on behalf of the Liberals over a month ago – he was a former Health Minister and therefore could answer the pertinent questions when he was on CNN and he did a great job.

    Better try catching up before you attack….sigh…….

    1. trashee says:

      Hi Lyn – I am quite aware of what was said on CNN – saw the interview…

      The point of the post was not to attack anything or anyone but to to ask (nay, implore) the Grits to do a bit more than a simple Q&A on CNN! If you carefully read what I wrote, you will see that I am pointing out that this is gild-edged opportunity for the LPC and its Leader to grab on to the issue and run with it… I would hardly say that an interview done about 5 weeks ago counts as “running with it“.

      Don’t you agree?

      The Grits need to up their profile on this (yes, I am also well aware of Iggy’s cross country tour and the local press it is getting…) and the time is now to set the table for the coming weeks. After the kids go back to school and the normal routines resume for Canadians, they will be paying closer attention to how Iggy defines himself.

      Hey – just my opinion… based on, uh, a few decades of being political junkie, working for 3 political parties (never anything with “conservative” in the name), and even running as a candidate once.

      But, hey – what do I know? 🙂

      Thanks for the comment.

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