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Harper is becoming predictable – of course he HAS to make everything political!

Never one to miss a chance to score some political points, Stevie lays the groundwork for blaming the Grits et al if the refugee claimant system isn’t “fixed”.

Mr. Harper insisted the visa obligation for Mexicans will remain in place until Canada’s refugee system is fixed, calling on opposition parties to join his party in reforming Canada’s refugee system to discourage bogus claimants.

“The visas will stay as long as the problem exists,” he said.

“Parliament should be seized with this issue [and] I hope our Parliament will take advantage of the attention that’s been brought on this issue to deal with this problem,” Mr. Harper said.

Next to come will be:

  • blaming the previous regime (the Liberals) for not doing something about this during their (brrr…) reign of terror
  • the introduction of legislation that will be just contentious enough to fall outside the “we’ll sign on the dotted line” zone of approval for one of the Opposition parties.
  • attack ads labelling Iggy as being soft on bogus refugees and hence soft on terror… or something like that. The words “soft on” will most definitely be used.

Just watch. He is becoming so bloody predictable.


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  1. trashee says:

    LMAO! Re: PETA comment!

  2. I don’t know much about Peter Hume. Perhaps that’s good – everything I know about all the other likely candidates is negative to a greater or lesser degree.

    To answer your comments though… “Blaming the previous regime” is a sort of irrelevant issue. EVERY government blames the previous regime about everything that doesn’t go right, or at least that seems to be the case for as far back as I can remember. I’ve never seen a government stand up and say “woah! we fucked this up!” So whether Harper’s going to do that now doesn’t really matter.

    The legislation will probably be contentious, but that’s what I’d probably do too if I thought I could win, so I can’t fault them for that. I will say that he seems to be taking a page from the Joe Clark “Govern like we have a majority (c) 1979” playbook though, and we all know how well that worked out.

    There will probably be attack ads, which is unfortunate. I’ve expressed my displeasure with that approach both in writing and with the suspension of my financial contributions. I won’t pay for that crap. I am confident that I’m not the only one who has taken that approach. When I want to support malicious douchebaggery, I’ll donate to PETA.

    My point in my original comment remains, however. Agree or disagree with the CPC stance, at least they *HAVE* a stance. None of the other parties seems to be willing to step up, which I find rather odd. My guess is that they’re just waiting to pull a “that’s a stupid idea” thing irrespective of the nature of the solution, come out with their OWN attack ads, and not actually produce a workable solution to the problem at hand.

    I agree with you that the next election will have abysmal turn-out. I find it unfortunate that so few people care enough to bother voting. On the other hand, people with no interest in how they are governed and who have neither the interest nor the desire to find out what the issues are and where the candidates stand are probably doing everyone a favour by staying home.

  3. trashee says:

    Ken – re: voter turnout… I’m thinking 50% next time around. Sad, the way democracy has devolved…

  4. Ken says:

    In all honesty, so what if Harper and the gang come out with attack ads? If Ignatieff and the Liberals are as strong as the media would have us believe, then the Conservatives will come off as looking desperate. However, if they can’t rise to the occasion, and Ignatieff continues to be Mr Invisible, then the attack ads will do exactly what the Conservatives want them to do: get them re-elected.

    As it stands, regardless of attack ads, I don’t think the Liberals will have a chance in forming the next government. Until the economy does officially turn around, I would bet that most people will view an election as a complete waste of time and money. If you thought 59% turnout was bad last time, I think next time ’round it’ll be worse.

  5. trashee says:

    But Ken and Darin. Do you disagree with my assessment on what happens next? The point of this post was about how the reformcons are staging this as yet another parisan attack… do you have opinions specifically on this?

    Oh and Darin – how about Hume as mayor?

  6. I’m with Ken on this one… where’s the Liberal leadership and their top-notch ideas for addressing what is certainly an undeniable problem and has been for some time? It’s a gamble for Harper because Ig-man might come up with some bit of political and diplomatic brilliance… if he can be arsed to show up. Where’s the NDP and the Greens with their rational and realistic solutions to the problem?

    Even if the Ig has nothing to say on this issue, where’s the rest of the Liberal guidance to show us the lighted path to Canadian glory?

    On one spot we agree, however. I think the GST is a great tax. I’d rather they lowered income taxes across the board than the GST. My only snivel is that the GST would likely have been defeated if the senate hadn’t been stacked at the last minute. Even though the outcome of that stacking was probably the better way, I find the undemocratic process by which the GST was originally rammed through to be distasteful.

  7. Ken says:

    Actually, if Iggy were out front, maybe we’d actually find out what he stands for. Maybe, just maybe, he’d give people a reason to vote for him if an election gets called. Maybe, just maybe, he’d stand up and be a strong leader and take the government to task for things it has or hasn’t done, instead of beeing the waffle-man that he seems to be.

    I welcome politicians working over the summer. They get paid enough – they should be working.

  8. trashee says:

    Ken, Ken, Ken… and if Iggy was out the front and centre you would be saying “why are politicians bugging us during our downtime in the summer… why won’t they just leave us alone!
    And Harper “at least… are doing something”? Like the whole taxation thing where they “did something” like drop the GST? The only tax that anyone with half a brain said was a “good” tax?
    And now look at the mess we’re in? I’d rather have had Harper do “nothing”.
    Damned Grits 🙂

  9. Ken says:

    Problem is, some of that’s true. The visa requirements were reduced under the current government, down from what the Liberals had them at. The CPC is just returning to the Liberal levels.

    Secondly, at least Harper et al are doing *something*. Where’s Iggy? Still on extended vacation? Thinking deep thoughts? This whole “travelling across the country” is BS.

    If he truly cared about this country, he’d be front and centre.

    And he’s not.

    Not much of a leader-to-be.

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