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Sniff, sniff… is that an election I smell in the air?

  • Iggy is doing a major tour across the provinces this week.
  • Big fundraisers for all of the parties are coming up.
  • The MSM and the blogosphere are talking about Senate appointments before the writ is dropped.
  • The rhetoric has dropped a notch while the parties firm up their positions.
  • PMO staffers are leaving in droves.
  • Money (uh, infrastructure money, that is) is being tossed around like confetti.

For the Grits’ sake, I hope they really think about this carefully. There has yet to be a defining moment for Iggy… yet. And this moment can be positive or it can be negative. One can only be sure that is coming.

Advice for the Liberals – pick the time of your choosing for that moment and don’t let the ReformCons do it for you…even if it means holding off on bringing down the Harperites for a few months. There is too much on the line.

And hey! NDPers! How about using your convention as a springboard to unite the centre and left in this country instead of debating whether or not to drop one word from the name of your party!  The Bloq (malheureusement) isn’t going anywhere. The Cons are entrenched in the West and in rural Ontario. And you and the Grits are splitting the urban and (ahem) intelligent vote.

Unite. It is the only way to ensure that we have a progressive agenda promoted on the Hill!


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