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New Canadian Ambassador grilled by empty chairs!

The Globe reports that the next U.S. Ambassador to Canada coasted through the committee hearing yesterday.

While it was not expected that there would be a particularly difficult hearing, the process was streamlined somewhat by the fact that only one of the 21 committee members bothered to show up for the hearing. This, of course, can signify one of two things:

  1. The Senators are absolutely, 100% confident in Obama’s choice and shucks, there really isn’t a better person for the job, or
  2. The Senators rank the relative importance of Canada-US relations somewhere between relations with Botswana and what’s for lunch at the Senate cafeteria.

A bit humbling, eh?

In any case, Mr. Jacobson seems like a nice enough fellow. He was in Canada once when he was 7.

At Senate confirmation hearings, David Jacobson, 57, recalled how a half-century ago on his first trip out of the United States he was taken to Canada.

“Despite my mother’s protestations that he would get us all killed, my father stopped the car in the middle of the bridge at the border. I will never forget my parents reaching from the front seat in Canada back into the United States and my sisters and I reaching forward into Canada. If anyone had said to that seven-year-old in the middle of that back seat on the Ambassador Bridge that some day he would be appearing before this great committee as the nominee of the President to be Ambassador to Canada, I can assure you that he would not have believed it,” he said in a statement prepared for his nomination hearings.”

He knows that he and his family will need warm clothing.

“I’m from Chicago so the weather doesn’t scare me,” said David Jacobson, following an appearance at the U.S. Senate foreign relations committee on Wednesday. “My family and I have planned to go up there and buy very warm coats and we’re ready to go.”

I guess that’s good enough for me!

jacobson1500_159821gm-aThe next guy to live in that big house in Rockcliffe.


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  1. Ken says:

    And people wonder why we still need the Senate. They make what, $100k+ a year and do what, exactly…?

  2. trashee says:

    I would like to be shuffled. An Ambassadorship to, uh, Jamaica would be nice. But after all I have said about the current government, I suspect that all I’d I’d get from them is a one way ticket to Kamchatka… or Brandon, MB…

  3. XUP says:

    What do these Ambassador guys do anyway? Make a statement once in a while that somebody back home crafted and instructed them to make. Attend a few functions. And isn’t an ambassadorship usually a punishment for someone they need to shuffle out of a current political position?

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