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Stevie loses another friend…

Yet another staffer at the PMO has flown the coop.

stewart-olsen_159061gm-aCarolyn Stewart-Olsen has worked for the big guy for more than seven years (!) and was the director of strategic communication. She was considered the “gatekeeper” who strictly and loyally controlled access to her boss. Ms. Stewart-Olsen is the second major cog in the PMO machinery to bail in the past little while. Kory Teneycke, the PM’s Communications Director was the last to bid adieu.

“Stephen is not the easiest guy to work for. He takes a lot of handling sometimes. And Carolyn, she was good at that,” said University of Calgary political scientist Tom Flanagan, a former Conservative campaign adviser.

Gee Tom, really? I’m starting to picture meetings with Stevo and they ain’t pretty.

“Kory, get the hell in here. NOW!”

“Ye-ye-yes sir….. wh-wh-what’s wrong s-s-sir? You look angry…”

“WHO authorised THIS picture???

stephen-harper-kitten“WHO, Damn it???!! I want them waterboarded!!”

“B-b-b-ut… you said the other day th-that you wanted to portray a more, uh, human image… and our strategic communications staff thought this would do the trick… sir…????”

“I look like a freakin’ WIMP! Maybe even GAY! And you KNOW what I think of THEM!” CAROLYN! GET THE HELL IN HERE!!!!!”

Hee-hee. At this rate, Mrs. Harper will be the one and only staffer in the PMO!


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  1. Ken says:

    Turns out she didn’t “leave”. She just got a new job. She’s one of the newest Senators as of today.

    Quebec – Claude Carignan, Judith Siedman, Jacques Demers
    Ontario – Doug Finley, Linda Frum
    New Brunswick – Carolyn Stewart-Olsen
    Manitoba – Don Plett
    Nova Scotia – Kelvin Ogilvie
    Nunavut – Dennis Patterson

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