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Remind me

why we are sacrificing our young men and women in places like Afghanistan.

Please, remind me.

Killing your own kids in the name of honour? These subhumans have no place in this country – or any country for that matter – and our troops should have no role in preserving this way of life if this is by any means accepted as the norm.

Stevo – plan an exit strategy. Now.


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  1. XUP says:

    Um.. I don’t think we’re sacrificing people overseas to preserve anyone’s way of life…I think it’s all about $$$$$$$$$….but maybe I’m just cynical

    1. trashee says:

      I’m cynical too. And yes, it likely is for $$$’s. But the mission is ostensibly to save the Afghans from the Taliban, right? And to make the lives of Afghanis more palatable.. etc., etc… maybe I’m assuming too much and am just overly pissed at the whole murdering-your-kids thing. Maybe it’s the crappy weather…

  2. I agree with Trashee… it’s not bigotry, it’s merely good sense. Canadians should not tolerate bullshit in the name of “other culture”. Immigrants should be making an effort to integrate into Canadian culture; Canadian culture has no onus to integrate into whatever weird wackaloonery is brought into the country by people who come here.

    The mission should be to integrate the good stuff and kick the bad to the curb. Honour killings are definitely part of “the bad”. The simple fact that we’re getting honour killings in Canada (a guy was just put away for life in Ottawa for exactly that) tells me that the current atmosphere of tolerance and multi-culturalism has become polluted. Perhaps we need to scale back just a little… make sure people who come here understand that it’s their job to integrate, not our job to put up with their bronze-age tribal crap.

    1. trashee says:

      That is a point I am trying to make. I’m all for multiculturalism – it is one of things that makes Canada somewhat unique on the world stage. But I do not accept that we are bound to tolerate the more undersireable parts of any culture… and like I said before, this applies to ANY culture.
      Note that I in no way drew a link between religion and culture here… Islam is a belief system that advocates peace and tolerance. Note some of the bs comments in the blogosphere this morning that authomatically blame the religion.
      I am criticizing the “culture”. Certain aspects of which are driven by bronze-age patriarchal suppression of women.
      I am a very liberal guy (too liberal, eh Squid-dude?) but I feel that one should not be labelled as a “bigot” if one voices disagreement or contempt for a particular aspect of a culture.
      I wonder if I would have received the same negative comment on my post if I had labelled as “subhuman” the treatment of the minority cultures in the Balkans in the 1990’s…

  3. trashee says:

    It is not bigotry at all. I am the absolute last person to make a bigotted statement.
    What I AM saying is that there are parts of cultures – including western cultures – that should be held in contempt by any resonable individual. “Honour” killings are one of these practices. So are anti-Semetic comments made by the British press, racial profiling by Canadian police forces etc., etc.
    I stand by the “subhuman” comment. Anyone who would kill their children are indeed subhuman.
    What I should clarify is that I should let the justice system run its course before automatically assuming guilt. My anger with this situation got the best of me.

  4. You should go join the Blogging Tories. They appreciate this type of bigotry.

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