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This just in – godless socialists responsible for garbage strike – film at 11.

Kinsella has unearthed yet another priceless diatribe penned by a contributor to that most “honourable” group called “Blogging Tories”.

He is going so far to claim that the denizens of T.O. deserve what they get re: the civic workers strike because they keep electing socialists.  Apparently this is the reason why my beloved Leafs and Jays have also has a few bad years.

OK. A few more than a few.

Yeah – socialism is to blame for everything, I guess. This guy calls himself a “christian”, so I guess he sees the citizens of Hogtown the same way as he’s see Soviets – as “godless” socialists?

Religion and ReformCons… a weird but dangerous mix. Don’t read before operating heavy equipment!


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  1. XUP says:

    Damn those socialists. They’ve totally ruined my summer vacation if VIA rail goes on strike

  2. No no no… as a generally conservative person, I can assure you that liberals do not cause the problems with the Leafs and the Jays. The problem with those teams is simply that they suck.

    Although, I must admit…

    Maple Leafs –> suckage –> blue and white uniform
    Blue Jays –> suckage –> blue and white uniform
    City of Toronto –> suckage –> blue and white city colours
    Conservative Party of Canada –> blue and white colours –> ???

    I see a pattern.

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