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So an accused paedophile is dead – big whoop

WARNING: For readers who are rabid – or even non-rabid – fans of overrated, freaky, has-been pop stars who are accused paedophiles, you should stop reading cuz you will be very offended by what follows.

OK. You have been warned.

I have never been a fan of Michael Jackson. Didn’t like his music. Thought that he was creepy beyond belief. Figgered that he was as much an invention of the media as anything else.

And, if there would even be one crime where I would support the use of capital punishment, it is paedophilia or any other kind of serious child abuse… of which Jackson was accused of on a couple of occasions. Only his money saved him from public humiliation and jail time.

I do not look forward to the next few weeks as there will, of course, be platitudes by the ton, weepy fans on camera and public expressions of grief from all corners of the world. I am reminded of the ridiculous events after the deaths of Princess Diana and Elvis. With the possible exception of Jackson, these were just human beings, people! Get over it!

What about the children who, each and every day and around the world, are suffering from disease or abuse? What about the countless deaths caused by the various forms of that horrific scourge, cancer? What about that poor girl who was hit by a truck just down the street from me and is now fighting for her life?

None of the above receives the attention of this so-called “king of pop” but they certainly do merit it just as much. Says a lot about the priorities in our culture, eh?

I think I’ll keep the radio and TV turned off for the next little while to avoid the silliness that is sure to come.


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  1. XUP says:

    You may all be right about MJ and his pedophilia. I don’t know, but Is till find it difficult to believe. So many kids stayed with him over the years — kids who are now adults who say he was kind and gentle with them, who made them feel comfortable, who talked to them and showered them with gifts. Of all these kids only a couple claimed to have been molested by him. But if what they said is true, then that would certainly negate anything we are celebrating him for. I still can’t watch a Woody Allen film.

  2. Leftdog: it is necessary to speak ill of the dead who did ill in life, lest we not learn the lessons of their misbehaviour.

  3. Darin Cowan says:

    I posted this under my name as opposed to my usual moniker because I think it is important:

    It doesn’t matter what nice things Michael Jackson did in his life. They are completely negated by his use of his wealth and power to sexually abuse children.

    The man was a slimeball, and the world is truly a better place now that he is gone, even if our musical culture may lack slightly. California changed their laws to be able to pursue people in the future where the complainant is bribed decides not to follow through.

    The best thing we should take away from Michael Jackson is the lesson that power and celebrity corrupt people.

  4. Ken says:

    The thing about celebrity is that it comes in many forms. defines celebrity as:
    1 : the state of being celebrated : fame
    2 : a famous or celebrated person

    Given that definition, I would argue that even people like Nelson Mandela or Mother Teresa are celebrities. Or politicians, like Obama or JFK.

    The point is, I think for hundreds of years humans have defined themselves by the people they “celebrate”. Jackson is someone that has been “celebrated” for 40 years.

    I agree with XUP. Jackson’s impact & influence won’t go away in a week or two. As I said to a colleague today: When do you think the big-budget biopic will come out? I figure before the end of 2010.

  5. XUP says:

    Hmm. The world seems to need celebrities and MJ is the undisputed king of celebrities. His music may have been pop, but he did amazing things for the world of pop, he broke the colour barrier in the popular music genre and he pretty much saved the recording industry when he produced Thriller. He used to be a shrewd business man and had the best and weirdest PR machine going. I used to love the old MJ. I have felt sorry for the recent MJ. He has spent his entire life in the public eye in a way that is unheard of even for most celebrities. And I’m not convinced that he’s a pedophile. Yes he has a million issues and yes he has an unconventional relationship with children and maybe I’m naive, but I really don’t think it was sexual. I think you’re dreaming if you think we’re going to be hearing about MJ for the next “few weeks”. I think there are going to be weird and weirder stories about him, his body, his home, his life for years. Everyone who ever had anything to do with him is going to do a book or expose. He is going to continue to be exploited in death as he was in life. But at least he, himself is finally at peace. It’s unfortunate that the events of the last couple of decades have negated eveything this man has accomplished and during a lifetime that was completey unnatural from start to finish. And, if it is ever proven that he actually was a pedophile, I will take back some of the stuff I said about him.

    1. trashee says:

      You and I seldom disagree XUP, but this is one of those times.
      I followed the paedophile thing very closely and came to the conclusion that MJ, like OJ, had the means to buy himself outta trouble. And that wasn’t right.

      I don’t believe the world needs celebrities – but I nod to your point.. It is a sad commentary that the general folks feel the need for celebrity. I don’t get it and I never will. There are likely Phd students writing theses on the subject.

      My rant was pointed at MJ but more generally at the whole “star” mentality. Why do we suffer the pain of those in true need of attention and need and bow before the altar of the spoiled rich and privileged?

      I guess I’ll never understand that.

  6. trashee says:

    I noticed that too Skinny Dipper… I saw a Ottawa Sun on the bus and it was more of the same. CBC Radio wasn’t much better this morning with the first 4 minutes or so of the 8 am news devoted to this “story”.

  7. I was at the dentist today. In the waiting room were copies of the National Post and Globe and Mail. The Post had the first seven pages devoted to Michael Jackson and ads. The real news didn’t start until page A8. At least the Globe and Mail had plenty of other news on the first few pages.

    Had Michael Jackton died a week earlier, the Iranian regime wouldn’t have had to ban the foreign media. They would have ignored Tehran and opted to cover Michael J instead.

  8. leftdog says:

    That was Italian -and 'De mortuis nil nisi bonum' is the Latin way of saying … 'Do not speak ill of the dead'

    1. baldjam says:

      Yeah – I understood the Italian and see your point… but this \”person\” did some horrible things to children (he was just lucky to be rich enough to buy his way out of trouble) and, in my humble opinion, does not merit the respect that I would normally accord to the recently deceased.
      But hey – that's just my take on things.

  9. leftdog says:

    Dei morti parla bene

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