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June 3rd, 2009:

Trashy on the road – part two

So what else is a fellow to do on a 7 hour flight?

Actually, if you count the time spent on the tarmac in Montreal, it is more like 9 hours.. Mucho delays on this Air Canada adventure. Computer problem. The pilot and the designated geek tried to reboot a coupla times but to no avail. Then they did eventually success but that wasn’t good enough for one of our fellow passengers. Seems that he or she was spooked by ll of the problems and decided to bolt. Of course, when that happens, some poor sap has to go through the luggage and deplane those of the abandoning passenger.

Sigh. Air travel.

Even better that the “lady” to my left is very large with a distinguishing odour. And she likes to hack something into a Kleenex. Gross.

Did eventually get off the ground about 90 minutes later than scheduled. Half decent food for plane grub. Watched that movie about the guy who ages backward… Benjamin Buttons. Pretty good but lapsed into chick-flick mode a few times. But all in all a flick I’d recommend.

I think I even dozed off for an hour or so.

Right now we’re about an hour out of Paris. Still a fairly smooth flight aside from some turbulence about 3 hours in.

I’ll post this once I am on-line.