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May, 2009:

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Look what those good ol’ boyz are up to in Alberta!

Alberta parents will soon be able to cherry-pick what their kids can and cannot be taught in the province’s schools.

Think that gays and lesbians are hell-bound monstrosities sent to earth by Satan?

No worries!  You can pull your kid out of the class that teaches about sexual orientation (and I guess tolerance and human rights might be taught in these classes too!)

Think that humans were created by a big bearded guy who lives in the sky?

Piece of cake! That Grade 9 biology class where they teach that pesky little “theory” called evolution is NO place for little Johnny!

School boards will have to give parents written advance notice any time classes deal “primarily or explicitly” with religion, human sexuality and sexual orientation, or risk facing a human rights complaint as punishment..

This is obviously a move designed to keep the christian wackos happy and the back wood rednecks from reachin’ for their guns.

I have no problem at all with parents choosing how they want little Johnny or Jane taught. That’s what private schools are for.  But if you want to suck at the teat of publicly-funded education, then accept the curriculum as designed by the educators!

Next thing you know, they’ll have separate but publicly-funded school baords and schools based on religion or language!

Wait a minute, that’s Ontario!



Conservatives will stop at NOTHING to discredit Grits

How Conservatives try to distort the truth. Lesson #231.

I recently blogged about this right-wing site that at times will register right off the ol’ cynicism meter.  But I do enjoy my visits there – if not only for the “wtf” factor than anything else.
It is also quite well-written. Although I don’t think the author and I would agree on much past “good morning”, I do respect his talent vis à vis the written word.


I was on the site this morning to see what latest drivel was seeping from the blog. The most recent post was about the “eviction” of the much-aligned Grit, Ruby Dhalla (and man, this guy has some hate on for poor Ruby!).

I, being the curious cat that I am, went immediate to my trusty Globe and Mail to see what their take was on all of this.

Hmm… nothing there.

OK. The National Post would OF COURSE have something… likely a half-page column!

Nope. Nada.

So I Googled her name combined with the word “eviction”.  And the only things that rained out were on a bunch of right-wing blogs… most of them citing the aforementioned Angry in the Great White North blog.

So, I, being the helpful little guy that I am, commented on the posting noting that I couldn’t find this information anywhere else and could someone please help me verify it.

Funny thing is that I can’t find this story anywhere but in the conservative blog world. Can’t find a mention of it in the Star either. Maybe I’m simply not looking hard enough but can someone point me to a source that I can believe?
I always enjoy reading these posts – from a “wtf” perspective. But I cannot believe that even a right-wing blogger would make something like this up!
Convince me otherwise!

THIS set off a number off “uh-oh” type comments. Some of which mentioned the word “libel”.  Soon thereafter, the poster placed a request from the MP’s office asking him to remove the post as it was patently untrue.

Of course, I, being the resourceful soul that I am, saved the original posting before it is erased.

Now, I’m not saying that the Grits or anyone else never tries this thing once in a while, but I would like to think that the non-Harperites would AT THE VERY LEAST do some background work BEFORE posting something that could harm the rep. of a public figure.  This was deceiving, deceitful and shameful.  Not to mention sloppy.

The postscript to this is that the blogger has apologized to the M.P. for the misinformation:

Since I have no reason to doubt this, I’ll retract the statement that Ruby Dhalla has been evicted.  Appropriate sections have been struck out.

I have asked for clarification on two issues:

  • Is the letter legitimate?
  • If so, is the landlord providing permission for the office to operate?

If the letter is not legitimate, then it would appear that I’ve been snookered by someone who has access to Ruby Dhalla’s office in order to post a letter on the inside.

If so, I apologize to Ruby Dhalla, and wonder who would be interested in embarrassing both of us.  I would also like confirmation from Ruby Dhalla that there is no problems between her and the landlord.

Final Resolution: Ruby Dhalla never responded to my requests for more information, including a clarification regarding the original notice terminating the lease.  I retracted the statement that she had been evicted, because despite the content of the letter, Dhalla insisted her office was open.

Fair enough.

I also received third-party confirmation that the letter had been posted.

Finally, I got in touch with the Bailiff, Earl Lewis.  His only statement to me was to say “The matter has been resolved.  I have no further comment”.

So it seems clear that Ruby Dhalla had gotten into some sort of bind with her landlord regarding “improvement maintenance and repair requirements”.  It had gotten to the point that the landlord initiated action to terminate the lease.  At the 11th hour, it seems, Ruby Dhalla sorted things out.

An honourable retraction and I give him credit for it. But it still does not erase the fact that ReformCons are getting more and more desperate and will stop at NOTHING to discredit the Liberals.


Untimely death of an ex-Bud

Zezel was one of my fave Leafs back in the early 90’s when we came oh-so-close to ending the drought.

No a big D-man – especially by today’s standards – but was a tough checker who held his own against larger players.

I remember reading about his rare and horrible disease a few years back. It was, by all accounts, really tough on the guy… especially the meds that he had to take to control the disease  – which caused massive weight gain.  For an ex-pro athlete, losing control of your body like that must have been hellish.

So long Peter, Leaf Nation mourns your loss.


Cynical and small-minded in the great white north…

Yeah, I know. I shouldn’t be giving bandwidth to propagandists like this.

But it is the ill-informed and self-serving agents of the Politics of Cynicism that make me wish that there were an election just around the corner… when we can reduce the ReformCons to a rump in the boondocks of Alberta and rural Canada.

What pisses off RefoooormCons more than anything else is the ability of others to formulate a vision for the country that is not simply an anti-whatever-the-other-guy-is-saying. They are incapable of this and are envious. I guess I’m a little sorry for them.

I may not be Iggy’s biggest fan but I’m 100 % behind him as he tries to put together a forward motion that is NOT cynical and vindictive. This sets him apart from the Harperites.

Stay above the fray M.I.! Leave the gutter sniping to the gutter snipes!


Harper as a bitter young cynic…

Great editorial cartoon in the Globe today.



conservativus canadiansus – The Politics of Cynicism Returns!

The conservativus canadiansus are sensing that they are currently a threatened species – certainly in some parts of the country. The conservativus fleur de lis was struck a deafening blow in the later part of last year when the more common conservativus albertus turned on its own kind and has driven the Québec sub-species to the brink of extinction.

The leaders of the herd (they do travel in herds – much like sheep or lemmings) were at one of the last habitats of the conservativus fleur de lis on the weekend assuring the sub-species that the dominant breed was confident that there really wasn’t a threat of extinction and that these were all lies put out by their primary predator, the griterus canadiansus.

As we were all taught in school, when an animal senses that they are cornered, they will bare their teeth, arch their backs or otherwise try to look bigger and more threatening. Cats and dogs do this. Ducks and geese spread their wings. And the conservativus canadiansus, being the most skittish of all fauna in the political animal kingdom, do likewise.

They are looking at their numbers decreasing across Canada, save for their main habitats in Alberta, Saskatchewan and parts of B.C. So, they try to make themselves look bigger by making their main predators and their leader (the michaelus iggitus) look smaller.  They do this by spreading rumours and innuendo among the other animals… saying that the michaelus i. is not really a canadiansus but a dreaded americansus of the dreaded intellectualitis sub-sub species. The conservativus is quite technically adept, using television and radio to get their messages of hate and cynicism out into the Canadian landscape.

But the rest of the animals in Canada are unlikely to by this ploy a second (or third or fourth) time as they, like intelligent creatures are wont to do, beginning to learn that these messages of hate and cynicism do not necessarily make the griterus look smaller. Instead, it is the conservativus that is shrinking. This is especially the case for the ruthless leader of the species harpertus stevo robotus.

Jeffery Simpson of the Globe and Mail
recently penned his description of the latest chapter in the conservativus canadiansus’s quest for national domination.

monkeyteethThe threatened conservativus canadiansus


Another thing that I am wondering about…

Helluva movie, that Slumdog Millionaire… great plot, the cinematography was cool and damned good acting – especially those cute kids.  Man, they must have it made, right?


From the Globe and Mail:

The shanty home of another Slumdog Millionaire child star was torn down by Mumbai authorities Wednesday as they demolished part of a city slum where she lived.

Munni Qureshi – the stepmother of nine-year-old Rubina Ali, who portrayed a young Latika, the Oscar-winning film’s heroine – said her husband was beaten by police who were supervising the demolition. She said he was taken to a hospital with minor injuries.

Slumdog Millionaire won eight Oscars and brought in more than $326-million (U.S.), but it has done little so far to improve the lives of the film’s two impoverished child stars, Azharuddin Mohammed Ismail and Rubina.

Last week, bulldozers demolished Azhar’s home in a similar cleanup drive in a different part of the same slum. By Wednesday temporary homes had already sprung up in the area.

As Tim the Tool Man Taylor used to say, hunhhhh?

This movie has grossed more than $326-million and these kids are still living in huts? What kind of deal did the producers of this film cut with the parents of these kids? Free candy for a year? A new pair of flip-flops?

Is no one else wondering about this? Where are screams about the injustice of it all? Man, you’d think that at least those self-righteous Europeans would be up in arms about this!



Things I’m wondering about…

When is punishment not punishment, but revenge? I was reading a number of the comments on the site that related to the horrendous abduction and murder of that little girl in Woodstock. Not at all surprising was the amount of anger in those comments.  To kill a child is a terrible and evil act and those responsible must be brought to justice.  But many on the site were calling for capital punishment. And again, this isn’t surprising given the nature of this crime.  But is this justice or simple revenge?  As a deterrent, we see by looking to our neighbours to the south that executing criminals doesn’t work.  And are we not letting them off rather easy? Regular readers will know that I’m not a believer in an afterlife per se so I don’t think these animals will be judged at some point after death.

‘Tis better to cage them up for the rest of their lives and effectively rather than literally taking away their right to exist.
I have a button stowed away somewhere that says: Why do we kill people to show that killing people is wrong.

But if my daughter was the victim, would I hold true to these beliefs?

o    Why do the Harperites insist on continuing these ridiculous attack ads? Do they not realise that the only segment of the voting population is that which would have already voted for them in any case? The only folks who believe the rubbish coming from the PMO are those who are one or all of the following:

o    From Alberta
o    From Saskatchewan
o    From B.C, outside of the urban areas
o    Low level of education
o    Rural residents
o    NASCAR fans
o    Robots

Now, don’t anyone flame me for suggesting that all folks from AB are NASCAR-lovin’ rednecks who have a poster of Stevie on their outhouse wall… I don’t mean that!

Anyhow, most of we Canucks are tired of these attacks. Let’s back away from that for a while and show some civility, shall we?

Hey – Justin Trudeau has a nice perspective on this matter too.

o    The Brian Mulroney Commission: Who cares!!! I personally didn’t much like the guy when he was PM but I’m watching the proceedings while sitting on a bike at GoodLife the other day and I watched a full 30 minutes of the “cross-examination” of ol’ Bri explaining that he DID pay taxes on the full amount just NOT in the taxation year in which he was given the funds! What? Is this the best scandal that we Canadians can dream up?

Drop it. There are more juicy things going on, like…

o    The Larry O’Brien criminal trial…. though from the sounds of things, the defence lawyer is tearing Kilrea a new hole on the stand.

I woulda loved to have been there today when Bulldog Baird took the stand.  I cannot stand that guy and would have liked to have seen him squirm a bit.

Is O’Brien guilty? Probably. Will he be judged so? Probably not. But it makes for good entertainment…

o      Lastly… dump Gary Bettman and bring in someone who has an ego smaller than Baffin Island and a hockey sense that is more developed than a Bedouin farmer.


Great infield technique!

This one of the funniest things I have seen in a while.

Who sez that we Canucks are a one-sport country????