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March 31st, 2009:


Thanks Newfoundland and Labrador – for joining Confederation 60 years ago!

Canada is a richer, funnier and more interesting place because of you!

Raise a glass to another 60!



Help! I lost my freakin’ phone and I can’t get up!

Yeah, I know only readers of a certain vinatge will catch on the the title of this note.

Anyway, Trashy has lost his cell phone. I liked my Razr. It was light. Had a big keypad for my stubby fingers. The volume was great. I miss her.

Dunno where I went wrong. I’m pretty anal about where on my body I carry my phone and am usually aware of its presence. My best guess is that I lost it on the #86 or at Elmvale Acres plaza. Yeah – I called both OC Transpo and the plaza… and got zilch.

So, it is looking like Trashy may have to get a new one – much to my chagrin. I am holding off until at least the weekend to see if it turns up, but if not, it’s off to Rogers I go. I’m finding it very inconvenient and frustrating not being plugged in while at a meeting or on the bus.

To the purpose of this scribble.

I am soliciting opinions on what I should spend my hard-earned shekels.

These are my specs:

  1. It has to be Rogers compatible.
  2. I like to send pics from time to time.
  3. It has to have a clear and preferably large display.  My vision ain’t what it used to be.
  4. I’m not hung up on surfing the net on my phone, but I would like to access my email once in a while.
  5. Good volume (I don’t hear so well either – too many chainsaws and bulldozers as a younger guy – with no hearing protection)
  6. I’m not a heavy user of voice or text. I send less than 100 texts per month and am always under my 200 minute limit. I point out my usage patterns only because some phones are available only if one signs up on a specific plan.

I might just get another Razr – but maybe I’m ready for a change. Any advice would be appreciated. Do you already have a phone that would seem to meet my requirements? Are there any cell phone phanatics out there that may be able to help?

My old phone. May she rest in peace.

My old phone. May she rest in peace.