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And if ya can’t play with it properly, then you don’t get to play with it at all.

The Government of Québec has made the wise move of pulling all of its police force’s Tasers out of the field after some of them were shown to be malfunctioning.

Hopefully a full ban is next and the rest of the country follows suit… if our cops can’t use it with respect, then they should not have this weapon.

Are you listening, RCMP???


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  1. XUP says:

    Well, sure, everyone wants to avoid a physical confrontation, right? Even tough-guy cops. So, here\\\\\\\’s this big guy fresh off the plane coming to live in Canada, but hasn\\\\\\\’t bothered to learn even rudimentary English, gets all freaked out by everything and starts chucking furniture out the window at an AIRPORT. Airports are ground zero for paranoia already. Then we have a group of cops. Cops do not need to be intelligent to be cops. In fact, it\\\\\\\’s better if you\\\\\\\’re not too bright because bright people aren\\\\\\\’t too good at following orders (right Squid??). Cops are trained to react, follow procedure and not do a lot of thinking for themselves. So the cops don\\\\\\\’t feel like getting into a brawl with this guy who they don\\\\\\\’t know what the hell his problem is. They have the handy dandy taser which, as far as they and procedure is concerned, is the best thing since sliced bread, because it means they don\\\\\\\’t have to get their uniforms rumpled. They just need to zap him and down he goes. Except he doesn\\\\\\\’t go down. Not for a while. And when he finally does go down, he stays down. Ooops.

  2. Tasers are supposed to be a level of force at or below T-bars, tonfa sticks, and batons but above harsh language if I recall correctly. If they wouldn’t pull out a club and whack the guy 5 years ago, they probably shouldn’t be tasering him now.

    People whinge about tasers now, but how many of the people who have been tasered would have ended up with a major ass-kicking or been shot before tasers? Some of them would have died almost certainly.

    The taser issue is multi-layered, and that is a message that is not being well communicated to the public.

    That having been said, it does *APPEAR* that the taser is being used when a simple “grab the guy and cuff him” technique could get the job done. That’s either laziness or poor training (or both).

    Now to enter the captcha twice… once so it can put slashes in front of the quotes, and once to post the message.

  3. trashee says:

    I wish the Mounties in B.C. had had the training. Slap me if I’m wrong, but I just don’t trust the police to exercise good judgement wrt anything more lethal than a staple gun.

  4. XUP says:

    Ya, I think removing them completely is a bit of an over-reaction. Tasers allow police to subdue suspects without resorting to fire-arms. But obviously there are some issues with the use of tasers as well. Like the other 2 said, perhaps investing in some training and monitoring will do the trick.

  5. It\’s not just training they need… its\’ training and monitoring.

    In the military, I was well trained with firearms… but they don\’t just say \"cool, you\’ve passed the test, here\’s your rifle and good luck\"

    You screw around, you get slapped.

  6. Ken says:

    I’ve always felt that with special equipment you should have special training. Take a bunch of licensing courses (or something similar) and then you’re licensed to carry the equipment.

    The government could do that for tasers, and by doing that, (hopefully) prevent misuse.

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