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Leaf fans – simply the best

As many of you know, I am a lifelong and true-blue fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs Hockey Club.

I bleed blue and white and I long for the day that the Cup is returned to the place where it belongs. Well, that day is still I few years off, I reckon. But for now, we of Leaf Nation can be happy with the class that we display from time to time.  We are often accused of being arrogant lot – and maybe we are.

But last night, the Leaf fans at the ACC showed a level of respect that transcended any perceived arrogance.

Mats Sundin was one of the greatest Leafs ever. He left last year and many thought that he was bound fr retirement. Before the 2008 trading deadline, he was asked to waive the no trade clause in his contract so the team could trade him as a “rental” player to a contending team and receive a young gun or a draft pick as compensation.  His refusal to do so and his subsequent signing with the Canuck in late 2008 raised the ire of some and his signing brought forth accusations of opportunism and hypocrisy.

But he didn’t owe us anything. Nada. He gave 13 seasons trying to get to the Promised land and only got close on a couple of occasions. He was class personified. And I truly believe that he will always think of himself as a Toronto Maple Leaf and when he inducted into the Hall of Fame, he will wear the blue and white.

Thanks mats and thanks to the fans at the ACC last night. You made me proud.



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