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If everyone had a parent like this kid, psychiatrists would all be millionaires!

I had to say something about this vid that has been posted on YouTube and is garnering lots of attention – and criticism.

Seems a kid named David was having a hard time coming out of his anaesthetic after a visit to the dentist. So, dad, being the responsible parent his is, does the expected thing – and films it! Complete with little 8 year old David babbling, bobbing and generally looking like a poor kid who is going through a pretty disconcerting- if not terrifying – time.

I’m not going to embed the vid here – it was way to upsetting so if you do want to see it, you can click on the link to the G&M story above.

I find it amazing that parents find it funny when little *** is in distress, pain or some other state that isn’t at all pleasant. There have been vids circulating of kids falling asleep in their food, falling off bikes or other things (along the Funniest Home Video type of thinking) and now some idiot thinks it’s funny to see his kid all drugged-up.

Amazing. I should show this to my teen to demonstrate how things could be oh-so-much-worse for her!


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  1. raino says:

    although i can understand where y’all are coming from, i’m not getting why this is such a bad thing.

    yeah, perhaps it would have been better if the video hadn’t been posted for the world to see but i don’t understand why its so disturbing. really i don’t.

    anyone who’s a parent knows that kids fall.

    if they got hurt, obviously we would never laugh. if they stumble when they’re first learning to walk we would giggle or think it’s cute. if a baby falls on their butt its cute and funny …. no?

    at least i think so and yeah it has happened, i have video taped it and shown friends and family. as i said, the kid was not in any pain!?

    is it okay or proper to laugh when an adult falls?

    so where exactly is the problem?

  2. XUP says:

    I saw this on someone’s blog and I must say I found it rather disturbing, too. And I totally agree about all those horrible parents filming and laughing at their kids fallling off, into and under stuff, injuring themselves, embarassing themselves and then posting it to AFHV. I hate that show

  3. raino says:

    i’m not sure why you find it so offensive. yes, the little guy seems in distress but not pain. i even find it a bit humourous (did i say that out loud?)

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