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Hoop snakes – update!

Those damned Aussies just don’t get it!

The hoop snake is one of the most dangerous critters on the planet – but Downunder, there are those who want to preserve this deadly evolutionary freak!!/group.php?gid=13958243734&ref=search&sid=559540430.4234265237..1

For example, there are unconfirmed reports that the coyote problem outside of Ottawa is being exacerbated by winter hoops driving out the coyotes from their natural habitats. The hoop snakes – especially the young ones – roll into a tight hoop and invade the coyotes dens… and devour the young coyotes!

Even more disturbing is his photo sent to me this morning by a hoop watcher in Westboro… they are getting close! Watch out for them – especially around storm grates partially covered by snow!



While on a walk down the street this morning, I saw a very, very rare WINTER hoop snake!

While both I and my 6 year old were a little freaked out by this, we were in no imminent danger since the winterhoops cannot move quickly in slushy conditions and we were able to avoid the danger with little trouble.

Nonetheless, if in Canada at this time of the year, beware! And wear high boots and long pants!


The squid-dude recently posted some scribblings about how, as a child growing up in B.C., he had to be wary of the tree octopus.

It reminded me of the times I was was warned to not tarry to long at the bottom of grassy hills for fear of being attacked by a hoop snake.

Never actually saw one, but my Dad swore that they were common enough to be feared.



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  1. This time of year, it’s the snow snakes. They can live in the deep snow at the sides of the road. Man when I was in the Yukon for winter camping (ah, the joys of military service), we carried a rifle… bears, wolves and fucking snow snakes.

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