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A letter to Jack Layton

I encourage everyone to send a copy of this (or modified if you don’t really admire the guy or the NDP) to :

Hi Mr. Layton:

As much as I admire much of what you and what your party has done for all Canadians in challenging the current Government on a number of issues, I do hope that you will put partisanship aside and support the Government (yes, that leaves a bad taste in my mouth) in supporting back to work legislation to end the Ottawa transit strike.
This disruption has reached a point where intransigence is prevailing over cooperation and ego over conciliation.
I know it is generally not the policy of the NDP to support this type of  legislation, but it is my hope that you and your party will think about how the public transit users in this community have suffered over the past 50+ days.

Thank you and good luck this year!

John Marshall


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  1. BriguyHFX says:

    Workers have the right to deny their labour if conditions are either unsafe or unfair, or if compensation levels are not reasonable. Back-to-work legislation destroys this right of refusal. With the government resorting to such fascist measures, you can be sure that no employer will negotiate honestly with any workforce for the duration of the recession. They’ll be able to just wait for a couple of weeks and laugh their asses off when the government forces the workers back, with no negotiation.

    We are all serfs now.

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