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City Council proves to be as stubborn as the ATU! Yay team!

Ottawa’s “embattled” City Council met into the wee hours of the night discussing the ATU’s latest proposal. Undoubtedly putting back urns of coffee, chain-smoking cigarettes and ordering in pizza from Lorenzo’s..

OK – they likely weren’t smoking.

Which they essentially turned down by presenting a , uh, counter-offer.

And yes, I fully expect the union to turn down the counteroffer and we’ll be no further ahead – leaving Canada’s Capital City once again without transit for the foreseeable future.

This reminds me of a game that little boys play when they stand side by side to see who has the most, um, “distance” – if you get my drift. It is a game better appreciated in the winter where the lengths of  the yellow tracks in the snow are easier to compare.

So what next? Like I said, I don’t expect the ATU to go along with the City – but I hope I end up eating my words.

But remember – never eat yellow snow, eh?


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  1. trashee says:

    No censorship whatsoever.

  2. XUP says:

    That wasn’t even a counter-offer. It was just more digging in of the heels except with an arbitrator. Would you censor me if I just said “fuck” right now?

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