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Zee plane Mr Roarke, Zee plane!

Zee plane has taken one last swoop around that isle of fantasies.

An iconic force on this small planet, has died.

My memories of Fantasy Island coincide with the A-Team, WKRP in Cincinnati (I really thought turkeys could fly!) and M*A*S*H – all great series of the late 70’s and early 80’s.

As a teenager, I loved these shows. Though, admittedly, my admiration for Fantasy Island was geared toward the hot babes on the show rather than the uh, complex plots lines.

Much like Charlie’s Angels and The Love Boat.

Hmmmm.. Farrah Fawcett

But Ricardo really made his mark in the two Star Trek landmarks – first playing a meglomaniac superior race leader and the second playing a, uh, same thing. But later. And more bitter.

In any case, another icon of my youth has gone to that grand beach that we only see when we have reached the horizon of the jungle…

Look for zee plane, dude!



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  1. XUP says:

    I used to kind of like Ricardo until he explained on Carson one night or something how he keeps his wife in line by smacking her on top of the head once in a while with a firm, flat hand. It doesn’t hurt, he explained, but it gives her enough of a jolt to come to her senses.

  2. House says:

    The days of Night Rider and CHIPS are gone now, but they’ll live on in our memories. Mr. Rourke was an iconic character, and Mr. Montalban played him well. Nice post.

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