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OK, OC – what next?

In the aftermath of yesterday’s vote, there are plenty of opinions about the next steps in this damaging and increasingly tedious labour fight. Some, like Jenny on Facebook, suggest a practical approach

Get your neighbour to write or call or email the Canadian Industrial Relations Board to mandate OC Transpo back to work! This is a limited time opportunity for us the public to get our voices heard. The city and the union gets to speak their message on the radio and tv constantly. This is the public’s chance to tell OUR stories and OUR side of the argument, but its only until 5pm TODAY. Go to by 5pm TODAY! Tell them why the OC Transpo strike affects YOUR health or safety.

Or Monel – also practical – but edgy.

I don’t support this retarded strike, but we’ve been without buses for 30 days. Its time the city starts using its head and takes scheduling off the table to get these guys back to work. Once they’re back at work start the process to turn OC Transpo into an essential service so these suckers cannot strike again. Lose the battle, win the war, and fire Larry O’ Brian for this disaster :/

And sometimes, just angry folks who just want to fire all of the drivers.

Management dictates the schedules in most shift jobs, including at jobs where employees get paid no where near the amount these drivers get. If you told your boss that you don’t want to work those shifts and that you want to work on these days only, you wouldn’t have a job for long! 34,000 people lost their jobs last month and you people are complaining about schedules when you’re getting a 7.25% raise, $2,500 bonus and have job security! The word greedy doesn’t even begin to describe you people!

On principle, I completely agree with those, like the Squidman, who say that the City should hold the line firmly and wait it out.. Yet, this situation has reached a point where I believe principles may have to be shelved for the moment. I am inconvenienced by this travesty… but that’s all… inconvenienced. But there are those who are losing their livelihoods, putting to risk their or their children’s safety or are suffering from a health perspective during this strike.

It is time for both sides to take a deep breathe and focus on doing what is necessary to get the buses rolling. I am not saying that the City should roll over, close their eyes and think of the Queen… but I am saying that for the greater good of many folks in this City, they do need to give a little bit.


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