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ATU rejects City’s last offer

OK. So it’s 4 in the morning. My little boy has been throwing up much of the night. And I’m very tired.
So I rev up the computer and see the results of yesterday’s vote.
75% of the strikers voted against the offer and the strike continues. This has essentially rid me of any residual respect I may have had for the drivers et al.
I’ll post more on this later when I’m a bit more, uh, conscious.


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  1. XUP says:

    Plenty of people aren’t getting anywhere close to cost of living increases – ever. I don’t think it should be laid out as a threat thing though — the city could just present a new agreement that surrenders the scheduling issue and removes the financial stuff. There’s also a lot of talk going around about privatization. You could explore that ideaTrashy — it would make an interesting post. Meanwhile, I’m going to go look for a vehicle to purchase because I can’t take this anymore.

  2. I’ve always thought that not getting cost-of-living increases is unreasonable in ANY job.

    However, as I wrote in a comment on my blog, perhaps the answer is to leave the scheduling, and fire 5.4 million dollars worth of drivers.

  3. gordon says:

    That is a very interesting idea. They gave up 2% when they gained control of the schedul in 1999. Perhaps the city should adopt the policy that until the schedule is returned to the city there will be no increases of any sort, including cost of living.

  4. trashee says:

    You’re correct:

    Official results of ATU 279 vote on city’s Dec. 23 offer
    ‘Yes’ ballots 517
    ‘No’ ballots 1,516
    Spoiled ballots 12
    Total ballots cast 2,033
    Total eligible voters 2,353

    Source: Canada Industrial Relations Board

    And yeah – all have to put aside their collective egos and get back to the bargaining table. I like your suggestion… it will force the ATU’s hand.

  5. XUP says:

    Actually, it was 64% of eligible voters voted no at final tally. Obviously a bad gamble on Mayor Larry’s part and we’re all screwed. My suggestion is for the city to give in on the big stupid scheduling issue and take all the other stuff out of the agreement — no raise, no extra sick days, no bonus and see if they accept that. They do keep saying they don’t care about anything but the scheduling; so this is one way for the to get what they claim they want and for the city to still save face by not giving in on any of the other demands. And the money they save on not giving pay increases can go to paying for OC Transpo’s continued scheduling money-grab scam.

  6. It does mean that 25% of the drivers aren’t as dumb as Cornellier wants them to look.

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