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OC Transpo strike

What is so wrong with this offer???  Add to it a three-year deal with wage increases of three, two and two per cent per year while the union is looking for increases of 3.5 per cent per year.  PLUS a $2000 bonus for each and every employee!!!!

What did Steven and the Cons impose on the public service just recently, you ask?

2.3%, 1.5% and 1.5%. And most of the folks in my union (not PSAC) are quite grateful to be getting this much considering the government we have in place and the economic conditions!
And NOW the union is threatening to picket private busses hired to get university students to their exams!

I cannot believe the gall of these morons.

To the Union members who read this – pressure your so-called “leaders to get back to the table and behave like adults for cripes sack! This strike is really hurting some people!

Memo to ATU Local 279 Staff on Scheduling
To: Members of ATU Local 279
From: General Manager, Transit Services
Subject: Medical Leave and Scheduling
Date: December 9, 2008
Following my communication of yesterday on the final offer of settlement presented at the bargaining table, I understand there are still questions about management’s proposal on uncertified sick leave and on scheduling.
I would like to provide you with additional details on what these proposals mean for you.
Sick Leave
The City has offered:
• Two (2) additional uncertified sick leave days per year. This raises the number of uncertified sick leave days to eight (8) days in each and every year.
• The ability to bank up to 12 days of uncertified sick leave for use in future years.
This does not alter the current yearly entitlement of 17 weeks of certified sick leave paid at 90 per cent of your salary or your long-term disability benefits (LTD).
These entitlements exceed the current CUPE 503 Inside Outside sick leave plan.
It should be understood that the following scheduling principles would continue to be respected:
• Operators will book four (4) times a year;
• Operators will book in order of seniority;
• Operators will continue to choose their work, however, it will be on a daily basis rather than by piece.
The proposed expansion of mixed odd work to weekdays would allow us to improve scheduling in the following ways:
• It will significantly reduce the number of Short 6 runs, providing more choices for the many Operators who do not wish to work 12 days out of 14;
• It will introduce more straight runs that pay 9 to 9.5 hours and new 10-hour runs, as a means for Operators to have more days off (5 or 6 days off every 2 weeks, for example);
• It will ensure that there is sufficient recovery time between all trips which will allow enough time to get out of the driver’s seat, wind down and stretch as desired;
• It will ensure that all spread time is kept within 13.5 hours.
As a means to tackle a full review of the run cuts in an open manner and to help ensure any concerns you have are addressed, we have offered to pay a representative of ATU 279 to work with us on a full-time basis for the next 18 months.
Confident in how much better we could do together, we have also included in our final offer a one-time payment of $2000.00 to all ATU 279 members to be paid following ratification of the Collective Agreement. This is in recognition of the improved productivity that can be achieved through scheduling adjustments.
I thank you for raising questions about our sick leave and scheduling proposals. I trust that this message has provided you with a better understanding of them.
Original signed by
Alain Mercier
General Manager


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  1. trashee says:

    I think they get $50 / week… and $150 if they are on the picket line… that’s gotta hurt, man…

  2. jake says:


    do you know how much they are getting for strike pay?

  3. John Thomas says:

    Hope it last long enough for 2000 bus drives to default on their mortgages.

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