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New blog on Canucks politiks

Bet some of you are wondering a little bit why Trashy has yet to spout off about the current political standoff in Ottawa.

Well, I will… just haven’t had the time to put something coherent down due to my rage and anger over this whole situation.

MISTER Harper: this is NOT a constitutional crisis. This type of situation is clearly IN the constitution.

MISTER Harper: You brought this on yourself when you DELIBERATELY threw egg in the the collective faces of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition.

MISTER Harper: It’s about the economy, Stupid! Not about scoring political points.

OK – that’s all I can say right now. Blood pressure is rising again. Gotta get to the gym

Folks – prepare yourself for a whole new slew of attack ads by the ReformCons accusing the Grits and Dippers of planning a coup.

Oh, and others are ranting equally well about this.

This is one of my fave paragraphs to date. Harpy should study it.

If the Liberals and NDP can get the support of enough MPs to win a confidence vote then they have the “right” to govern. In our system, that’s what having the right to govern means. No more and certainly no less. The Conservatives did not win a majority and it is quite undemocratic of them to insist that the other parties give them what the voters of this country would not.

Oh, and check this out.

Sad. So sad.

Sad. So sad.


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  1. If the Lib-Dip try to form a government they will have less seats than the Conservatives. They REQUIRE the support of the Bloc Quebecois to do it.

    And frankly, with the Bloc holding many more seats than the NDP, and the Libs having to come hat-in-hand asking for their help, the Bloc will really be running the country.

    Irrespective of what I think about Liberals or NDP, having the Bloc literally hold the balance of power is an affront to democracy and Canada.

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