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Two score and six

Happy Birthday to me!

Here’s a secret that I can share with everyone.

All my life I’ve been petrified of hitting my TRULY mid 40’s.  Don’t think I’ve ever told anyone that before. But it’s true. Here’s why.

When I was a little kid, I was always told that my Mom’s Dad died when he was 46. And I was told that I was a lot like my Grandpa. Put together the logic of a 9 year old and do the math.

As a teen, I thought I would that the Beatles woulda reunited, blonds would learn to like me and I would change the world before I was 21.

As a 20-something I really believed that the Leafs woulda won the Cup at least a half dozen times by the time I reached my mid-30’s.

In my mid 30’s, I hoped at the very least that I would be an MP by the time I hit 46 or so.

But then again, how bad is it? Really.

Torii showed up when I was 30. Wonder….

When I hit 41 – I became a Dad again. Amazing.

Turning 44 – Owen.Wow.

And I am now in the mindset of not someone looking at an age as a deadline or a target, but rather as a milepost. C’mon, I’m the luckiest guy in the world. Forty-Six? Snap out of it dude!

You got it made.

But, uh, I’m still waiting for the flying cars?


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