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Bye-bye National Portrait Gallery

And the CPC continues its battle against anything that smells like it has been visiting the “left” side of the tracks…
The latest victim? The National Portrait Gallery is nuked.


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  1. Oh come now… the Portrait Gallery was a stupid idea from the get-go. I’m embarrassed that it took this long to cancel it, and the Conservatives should be too. Money devoted to that project could have been helping soldiers, could have been improving health care, could feed some of the hungry, could have been grants to students as an investment in the future, could have been saved to hedge against an economic downturn. There are a million things that money could have been spent on that would have been of greater benefit to Canada and Canadians.

    Canada does *NOT* need a portrait gallery.

    If the portraits are so important, why not move some of the non-Canadian “art” (cough)Voice of Fire(cough) out of the National Art Gallery and put the portraits there?

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