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November, 2008:

New blog on Canucks politiks

Bet some of you are wondering a little bit why Trashy has yet to spout off about the current political standoff in Ottawa.

Well, I will… just haven’t had the time to put something coherent down due to my rage and anger over this whole situation.

MISTER Harper: this is NOT a constitutional crisis. This type of situation is clearly IN the constitution.

MISTER Harper: You brought this on yourself when you DELIBERATELY threw egg in the the collective faces of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition.

MISTER Harper: It’s about the economy, Stupid! Not about scoring political points.

OK – that’s all I can say right now. Blood pressure is rising again. Gotta get to the gym

Folks – prepare yourself for a whole new slew of attack ads by the ReformCons accusing the Grits and Dippers of planning a coup.

Oh, and others are ranting equally well about this.

This is one of my fave paragraphs to date. Harpy should study it.

If the Liberals and NDP can get the support of enough MPs to win a confidence vote then they have the “right” to govern. In our system, that’s what having the right to govern means. No more and certainly no less. The Conservatives did not win a majority and it is quite undemocratic of them to insist that the other parties give them what the voters of this country would not.

Oh, and check this out.

Sad. So sad.

Sad. So sad.


Carleton U. and a distaste for an illness targeting Caucasians?

Wow – now is this political correctness to the max or what?

So the C.U. student council has, in its immense wisdom, to cancel its enormously successful “Shinerama” which raised money for research into Cystic Fibrosis.

Disgusting – and shame on those students!


Two score and six

Happy Birthday to me!

Here’s a secret that I can share with everyone.

All my life I’ve been petrified of hitting my TRULY mid 40’s.  Don’t think I’ve ever told anyone that before. But it’s true. Here’s why.

When I was a little kid, I was always told that my Mom’s Dad died when he was 46. And I was told that I was a lot like my Grandpa. Put together the logic of a 9 year old and do the math.

As a teen, I thought I would that the Beatles woulda reunited, blonds would learn to like me and I would change the world before I was 21.

As a 20-something I really believed that the Leafs woulda won the Cup at least a half dozen times by the time I reached my mid-30’s.

In my mid 30’s, I hoped at the very least that I would be an MP by the time I hit 46 or so.

But then again, how bad is it? Really.

Torii showed up when I was 30. Wonder….

When I hit 41 – I became a Dad again. Amazing.

Turning 44 – Owen.Wow.

And I am now in the mindset of not someone looking at an age as a deadline or a target, but rather as a milepost. C’mon, I’m the luckiest guy in the world. Forty-Six? Snap out of it dude!

You got it made.

But, uh, I’m still waiting for the flying cars?


Oh really….

So Stevie is at the G 20 meeting in D.C. to talk about how much the rest of the world can learn from the Conservative Party of Canada in managing the current economic bowl of soggy Cheerios..

Check this out from CP:

Canada enters G-20 in strong fiscal position: Harper

WINNIPEG — Canada is joining a key economic summit in Washington with the strongest fiscal position of the Group of Seven industrialized countries, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Friday.

Canada’s monetary policy is keeping inflation in check and steps his government has taken to reduce taxes and the federal debt bode well in the face of a global economic crisis, Harper said before heading for the G-20 leaders’ meeting in the U.S. capital.

Well – gotta give him the tax reduction thing – but reducing the federal debt? C’mon Stevo! We all know it was the Grit slash and burn policies under Chretien and Martin that brought deficits and debt under control! Your government is going to add to the debt due in part to the cutting of the GST!

Man, this guy can spin ANYTHING!


Arsenal shows that they’re not out of it!

Go Gunners! 2-1 against Man. Utd.!


Bye-bye National Portrait Gallery

And the CPC continues its battle against anything that smells like it has been visiting the “left” side of the tracks…
The latest victim? The National Portrait Gallery is nuked.


The American Election

I thought I would scribble a quick note about the election to the south of the 49th.  I had meant to do this quite a while ago but between work demands (been travelling quite a bit – I am writing this in the business centre of the Montreal Delta) as well as things to do around the house, and being a daddy and a hubby, I just haven’t found the time.

Today stands to be one of the most important in our neighbour’s long history. The choice that Americans make today will resonate for decades to come and around the world. We in Canada cannot ignore the ground shift that is happening in the States. I believe there is a fundamental change happening in the way Americans – particularly young Americans – view their country and their leaders.

It is suddenly important and cool to participate in the electoral process.

And this is, for the most part, due to one guy – Obama.

He has inspired our neighbours at a time when they needed it it the most. Years of blundering by Bush. A deficit and debt that is staggering. A loss of respect around the world. A confused and rudderless domestic policy. All of these have been the trademarks of the past 8 years.

I am not saying that Obama and the Democrats will have a magic pill at their disposal. The once proud country has been dragged into a deep and hollow abyss that will take some effort and pain to climb out from.

Friends and family have from time to time accused me of being anti-American.

This is not the case.

I dearly respect our southern kin and think that the American experiment has been one of the greatest achievement in the annals of human history. And I truly weep to think what Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld et al have done to belittle this accomplishment. True, I am a proud Canadian and share that Canadian paranoia-envy-wonder that is so typical of my fellow citizens. But I try to temper this with the recognition that Americans are a fine people with a rich heritage that deserve our respect and admiration.

So – in closing – if there are any Americans who are reading this post, please, PLEASE do the right thing today and do not make the same mistake three times in a row! Vote for a future that may reposition your country to that level that it deserves to occupy.