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Why to NOT vote for Harper: Part 5 – Live. From Yorkton!

I’m here in this very Canadian type of place cuz I was asked to give a little yak-yak to a group of like-minded folks. And this has given me a different geographic perspective from which to write.

I like the Prairies. The drives can be pretty boring – with cruise control a must on these long and flat highways. Simple curves in the road extend on an arc of 20 km or more. But man, IS THAT SKY EVER BIG!

But I love it and these spots remind my a lot of Parry Sound – without the bitterness toward city-folks and how they’re killing the countryside.

One thing that I noticed during the 2 hour drive between Regina and Yorkton was the near complete absence of election signs. Aside from the odd Green Party sign in a field or two, I didn’t see much more than a blue and white sheet of cardboard spaced several kms apart.

What gives? Are the fine denizens of this fine province simply not “in” to this election? That would be intriguing since pundits predict that the ReformCons could sweep the province – and taking good ol’ Ralph Goodale with the tide.

So, just in case a few westerners read these scribblings, I’d like to point out a number of other reasons to vote for anyone but Harper; this time focusing on the management of information and the Politics of Cynicism.

Thanks to Myriam who posted some of these on the Facebook site dedicated to spreading the word about the Lies That Harper Has Told Us.

  • Media relations: There are strict controls over who can attend news conferences and what topics they can breach. The Prime Minister’s Office registers the reporters and then approve which ones ask which questions. There was an incident where the reporters all stood up and walked out. This is not transparent! This is a Soviet style control over the press.
  • Gagging his MPs: Everyone knows that Stevo keeps his MPs on a tight leash. This is so that they don’t say anything that would be controversial or embarrassing to him. Unfortunately for SH, elections are a time where the candidates are not within leash length and say and do things that may not be Steve-approved. Witness the tasteless remarks made by the Agriculture Minister! Stevo gags them when has can because he knows that the bulk of his caucus consists of folks with the IQs of a carrot!
  • Secret media centre: This Conservative operated media centre was meant to be used to film and cover events and then ship that information to the media as pre-packaged items. It didn’t happen because the media found out about it beforehand and made a big stink. Can you imagine what this would mean if it had came to fruition? The message would have been even more micro-managed than it already is!
  • Lies about the income trust: During the last election campaign, the RefromCons promised that they will NOT touch the laws regarding the income trust funds. This was part of their election campaign, and many people who had money in income trust fund investments were pleased by this and wanted to stick with it. Seniors were especially keen on have his source of income untouched. Then, a flip-flop most cynical occurs and these trusts are, you guessed it, taxed at a high rate. I hope seniors are remembering this and voice their displeasure at the ballot box.

  • Finally, I want to once again talk about the turnaround on fixed election dates. This is the ultimate demonstration of the Politics of Cynicism. Steve thinks that he can pass laws and then break them at will. Don’t let the talk about the HoC being dysfunctional fool you. It WAS a productive session… maybe a bit more uncivilized and vitriolic than usual, but a great many items of policy were passed. My fellow Albertan anti-Harperite said the following: 
    • I have noticed that the Blue signs were out the next day after the announcement of the election and it took a while for the other parties to catch up. Let’s be frank. He doesn’t leave much time before the election and leaves all the unsuspecting suckers to finish off their party platforms while he’s already up and running. UNETHICAL!!!

    Couldn’t have said it better myself!

    Get the word out – it is not too late to turn this election around and avoid a Harper majority!


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    1. trashee says:

      I wouldn’t lose a whole lotta sleep over Layton becoming the PM…

    2. Kelly Fatteicher says:

      If you think Harpers decision to tax income trust hit Canadian investors hard what will Jack Laytons porposed shut down of tar sands exploration due to Canadian investors. Anyone with the “iq of a carrot” knows that energy makes up a big part of the tsx. You think thats not going to affect Canadian retirement savings.

      I like how Layton can stand outside a factory in Ontario and talk about how terrible it is for someone to lose their job but in the same breath he can also say he will halt tar sand exploration. I suppose the guy running a shovel or driving a dump truck in Fort Mac Murray doesn’t have a family to feed at home.

      Like he said in the debate “i had to fly over Fort MacMurray to see it for my own eyes” i guess telling a bunch of oil patch roughnecks that there going to be out of a job when he gets to be prime minister ain’t really up his alley.

    3. Jeff Kee says:

      Thanks for the link back – I wrote that bit about the income trust funds a while ago. Too many Canadians fall for the simple phrase “tax cut” without realizing that what is cut in one place often means it’s either taken away from another valuable social service OR collected in other ways. In the case of Harper’s government in the last few years, it was both.

      I gotta re-design my blog.. ugh. I deleted some of the styling files a few days ago with the ambition to put new ones in but then I got too busy with work.

      Keep up the good work. 🙂

    4. DonaldJ says:

      Harpy is gonna boost crime in Canada times four, by the time he realizes that when you treat good kids like criminals, you get more criminals… It happened in BC in a couple towns that implemented curfews, and treating good kids like criminals… In every town that implemented curfews and treating kids badly, the crime levels more than doubled in less than a year… The kids figured, since they are being treated as criminals, they might as well be criminals… Harper! You are meddling with something you don’t have a clue about… Wake Up!.. You are Endangering Canada.. You are Damaging Canada.. as if it’s yours to destroy… It’s not yours! It’s Ours!.. Canada is all of us!… the good ones, and the ones that are learning to be good, and the ones who don’t have a clue.. and the ones that just don’t care anymore, living in such deep poverty and hell qualities, since day one…
      Get off the coke and pot! and Get your Hells Out of Our Lives!…

      A vote for Harper is a vote for Insanity and Slavery, and his part in making us feel as at war as the rest of the world is… Tell him that we don’t want to be part of America’s Insanity anymore… or boot him out of government with your next vote… Lets get rid of a tyrant who is only messing with our lives like he believes he owns us… We don’t need to be pushed down hell’s gullet any further… America is doing that quite well, thank you, and Go to Hell Mr. Harper!..

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