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The second full week of the campaign!

This week is always critical in a short campaing. Theoretically, all of th ekinks should have been worked out and the parties can get into the meat of their platforms.

Here’s what I think we’ll see this week:

  • More ads and messages about Stevie’s leadership abilities – especially with regards to managing an uncertain economy. The U.S. banking system is going down the tubes and this will have repercussions north of the 49th.
  • The Grits will continue with attach ads on SH. But this is the week that they MUST put their leadership TEAM up front and take some of the attention away from Dion.
  • Look for Layton to continue to sound and act silly.
  • Some of the initial sheen granted to the Greens will wear off by the end of the week
  • Some of the Bloquiste support that has leaked to the ReformCons will ebb back to the Bloq as Duceppe gets his footing and has a good week.

I’ll be way for much of the week but will post another instalment of “What NOT to vote for Harper” by Friday night.


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