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ReformCons are imploding – key party figure suspended!

Senior CPC spokesrobot Ryan Sparrow has been suspended because of a completely boneheaded and disgusting suggestion he made about the Father of a slain soldier. This Father criticized the change in policy on the war – and was in fact (according to Sparrow), a LIBERAL! Mr. Sparrow sent an email to CTV News today suggesting that Jim Davis, the soldier’s dad, is a supporter of Liberal incumbent Michael Ignatieff.

I don’t think anyone should really be surprised by such an act. After all, these are personalities who are program to attack, attack, attack – especially in the face of (how dare they!) criticism!

Meanwhile, Dion is part way through another day without a gaffe. And I heard Jack Layton on the Mothercorp this morning talking through his mustache about giving “targeted” subsidies to the auto makers (huh?) and Liz may going on about how to make a great seafood chowder.

In terms of information, Ms. May won this morning’s battle, hands down.

That’s two bad days in a row for the Harperites – how about three!


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