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Why to vote against Harper – Part 2 – The Politics of Cynicism

Face it, we Canucks are almost to a fault a very accommodating people who do not glory in the faults of other and truly like to think of ourselves as a family. A dysfunctional family, maybe – but still a family.

Families are built on trust and respect. Going outside established boundaries is frowned upon and such folks are pushed to the fringes.

Occasionally these people work their way back into the fold by wearing sheep’s clothing. They portray themselves as something they are not in order to curry favour

Consider Harper for example, while with the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, he railed against the separate treatment of Québec in confederation. Shouted at the Liberals who were putting into place a system of corporate welfare by subsidizing big business. And, most ironically, bemoaned the state of political discourse in Canada and vowed that the Reform Party would NEVER sink to suck lows.

But the Politics of Cynicism does not presuppose adherence to any previous beliefs. The Politics of Cynicism is aligned with victory and a dogged pursuit of the dogma that is its raison d’être.

In the past little while, Steve has declared Québec to be a nation unto itself. He has handed out money to the auto makers. Has engaged in personal attacks that would make Karl Rove proud. And he has ensured that his closest advisors – select members of his cabinet – mirror his behaviour.

Last of all, he has gotten around his own fixed election law to ensure that the dropping of the writ was at his command and not of the democratically elected House of Commons.

All that matters is complete victory to Mr. Dead Eyes and it maters not what principles or standards of good taste are trampled along the way. Man, he cannot even admit that Dion may have a family!

Canadians cannot trust someone who so easily throws the principles of all Canadians to the wind in the name of a victory designed to put into place his own dogmatic weltanschuung. Those principles that make us a very accommodating people who do not glory in the faults of other and truly like to think of ourselves as a family.

He says that abortion is off the table. Is it really?

He says that arts funding will be reinstated, but in a different format. Sure.

And he says that his is the only hand that can steer our ship.

Don’t trust this man to steer us into anything but a flotilla of neocon icebergs.


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  1. Ken says:

    Actually, instead of telling us why we shouldn’t vote for the Conservatives, why not tell us why we should vote for someone else?

    Not that I’m disagreeing with you – I just find it in poor taste to do as the politicians do and take the low road and say why another politician is bad, instead of saying why they are better.

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