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What can the Grits do to stop Harper

Over at The ramblings of a frustrated journalist, Devon wrote the following:

For Dion, I think it is too late to be a leader. The only hope you have is in some of your stronger members. That is one place I think the Liberals are ahead. The Conservatives are running on Harper’s reputation. The actual quality members of the Conservative party are few and far between. Emerson and a few others are leaving, so good luck all those who vote for the Conservative party, you’re not going to get what you’re expecting. There will be a lot of inexperienced people pretending like they know what they are doing when they don’t.

I completely agree with Devon. For Dion, it is too late to be a leader – they can only hope that he doesn’t screw up something too badly. The only hope they have is in some of your stronger members.  The Grit front bench is BY FAR stronger than Harper’s. You have Iggy, Rae, Martha, Dryden and Bennett against:

Uh, well, Stevie is the only one that really matters, eh?

Though, I don’t think this tactic has yet to be considered by the Grit team as they are now pushing back at the CPC Dad-ads with a show on the Liberal website showing Stèphane to be the fun-lovin’ nature enjoyin’ down-home guy that he is.  Rather than try and take charge of the agenda, they are following Harper’s script.

Man, the back room folks in Harper’s shop must be salivating!

But, hey! Campaigns DO matter… but the Grits had better get their act together – and fast!


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