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August, 2008:

Victory for the Gunners!

Arsenal took the first leg of the Champions League tilt against FC Twente.

Goals by Gallas and Adebayor clinched it for the Gunners. And the side looks to become even stronger with these comments from Arsène Wenger that there will be another signing before the second leg.

The victory is very impressive considering the number of players that were sidelined due to injury.


Arsenal returns for real on Wednesday!

A Cesc Fabregas who is not 100% is still better than 95% of players in world at full power.

The Gunners’ 2008 campaign kicks off in earnest on Wednesday as they go up against former English coach’s Steve McLaren’s side FC Twente in the Champions League qualifier.

Looking forward to the season. After what Arsene and the boyz did last year, with some very low expectations, I see at least one set of silverware in the future.

Hate the Reds almost as much as I hate the Sens.

Go Gunners!


PETA, the Greyhound bus tragedy, & the most tasteless ad I have ever seen

This is one of the most heinous, tasteless and self-serving ads I have ever seen.

The little respect I had for PETA in the first place has completely vanished. I never have liked their methods and preachy holier-than-thou attitude, but this is waaaay beyond that.

Some bloggers as well as those who are commenting on this elsewhere are up in arms over this and rightfully so.

How dare PETA use this horrific tragedy to push forward their own agenda?

One of the commenters on the CBC article put it best by saying:

I am against the inhumane slaughter of animals, and support many organizations which try to put a stop to it.

But PETA is so far over the line here that it has undermined whatever credibility it had left.


Ugh indeed. And shame on you PETA.


Attack ads

I don’t know about you, but I think attack ads used in political campaigns are not only despicable and cater to the whims of the lowest common denominators, but totally remove any semblance of honest and constructive debate from a political battle.

The penultimate attack ad is this one – shot at the height of the Goldwater / Johnson campaign in 1964.

A little while back, the McCain camp put out this ad, implying that Obama is more celebrity than substance and that being popular in the public eye doesn’t necessarily mean that you are ready to lead the country.

Note the clip of a certain Paris Hilton? Well, Paris put together her own clip as a retort to John McCain. I must say, my opinion of Ms. Hilton has multiplied a thousandfold upon seeing this!

Of course, our own little Stevie Harper, being an admirer of all things negative, cynical and especially American, hires his own team to sic his attack ad dawgs on anything and anyone that disagrees with the Conservative dogma.

All told, these ads, while they do make for some good chuckles, deflect attention away from real policy debates. Stephen Harper wants to debate the environment? well, put something on the table to talk about it and then talk about it! Demeaning an opponent’s argument by attacking the debater is a debating no-no and such attacks are called ad hominem – meaning that the attack is against the person rather than the argument or point. This implies, of course, that the person making the counter-point has no or little basis to pull apart his adversary’s point.

Alas, the Harperites are flush with cash and we can expect more of these inane ads as we gear up for what likely will be a fall election in this country.


One sick little boy

I’m varying BIG TIME from my rants about Stephen Harper, censorship, the politics of cynicism, the Beijing Olympics, yah-da-yah-da-yah-da.

My little 16 month old son Owen just came home from the hospital that has been his home since early Monday after successfully fighting a Rotavirus.

Man – this is NOT something you want your kids to come in contact with. The poor little guy has been though Hell.

Owen is not a, uh, big guy. You know those growth charts that plot age and weight? Well, he’s looking up at the curves. Tho’ lately he has been gaining weight at a greater rate than other kids his age. But he doesn’t exactly have a lot of “reserve capacity”.

BUT, he somehow contracted this most brutal bug and has been hospitalised since Monday at 7 am. I had to think about the timing considering I am a little punch-drunk at the moment. Sleep deprivation and stress, ya know.

He started showing symptoms (i.e., he threw up) at 11:15 on Thursday night. Was not well through Friday but showed signs of improvement on Saturday. But his fever peaked over Saturday night despite doses of Tylenol. 7 am Sunday, we’re off to CHEO where they try to stick needles in his hand, but he was too dehydrated to present a good vein.

They found a vein in the crook of his arm and we’re admitted. While hospitals are not places that one wants to frequent very often, it was the best place he could be given the circumstances.

So, Colleen spent a couple of nights with him and I did some day duty while at watch over our very ill little boy. We hope that he hasn’t spread this any further.

Addy (4 year old) complained of a headache before bed last night and had a temp of a 100. Called Torii and she’s in bed cuz she doesn’t feel well. But both kids were fine this morning

It was a long few days but he seems much, much better and he is VERY happy to be home – as are we.

Doncha love parenthood?

When will “they” have a vaccination against EVERYTHING?

Oh, and yesterday was the day that Colleen and I should have been celebrating our 7th anniversary.

But most importantly, Owen is better and we can get on with our lives.


Winnipeg criminals – whether to be Tasered or shot… hmmmm…

Here is a lesson for would-be criminals in Winnipeg.

Either you will be Tasered – possibly ending your existence on this blue and white marble.

Or, if said Taser malfunctions, (possibly due to the power switch being turned to “off” or maybe it was manufactured on a Friday?) you will be shot.



Reactions to the Greyhound bus horror

Some of the reactions following the horrific incident in Manitoba are worrying and predictable.

Since I blogged about this the other day, I have am seeing posters on blogs and The Mothercorp advocating better security on buses like this fellow did:

” It’s about time that airport security is used on other forms of commercial travel – like trains, and buses. Yes it’s going to cost money, but how much is your life worth?”

As well, there are the predictable calls for the return to capital punishment.

These are knee-jerk reactions that accomplish little but raise the paranoia levels and blood pressures of the readers.

This isn’t a bus safety concern. Greyhounds pick people up in the middle of nowhere. It’s a rural bus stop system as well. How could you screen everyone who boards public transit?? Perhaps if we really do want to descend into a truly Orwellian state where personal security trumps freedom – not to mention common sense – then by all means, descend to your heart’s content.