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Yes Virginia, there are some craaaaaaaaazy Christians in the good ol’ US of A

Thanks once again to Darin o’er at the Squid Zone for pointing out that there are indeed folks on this planet who are crazier than a drunken Parry Sounder during huntin’ season… this group takes the cake.

Seriously, in full understanding that there are some freaks that roam the hiways and biways, the The Creation Science Association for Mid-America preaches intolerance and downright (and heck, in their warped little world – righteous) violence against anyone who happens to not agree with their uneducated, ignorant and warped view of the world.

Here are some the the headliners from their newsletter:

  • Should Evolutionists Be Allowed to Roam Free in the Land?
  • Why Are Evolutionists Typically Socialists

and they (I’m not making this up) recommend the following:

Clearly then, “evolutionists should not be allowed to roam free in the land.” All that remains for us to discuss is“What should be done with evolutionists?” For the purposes of this essay, I will ignore the minor issue of Western-style jurisprudence and merely mention possible solutions to the “evolutionism problem,” leaving the legal details to others:

  • Labor camps. Their fellow believers were high on these. But, my position would be that most of them have lived their lives at, or near the public trough. So, after their own beliefs, their life should continue only as long as they can support themselves in the camps.
  • Require them to wear placards around their neck, or perhaps large medallions which prominently announce “Warning:Evolutionist! Mentally Incompetent – Potentially Dangerous.” I consider this option too dangerous.
  • Since evolutionists are liars and most do not really believe evolution we could employ truth serum or water-boarding to obtain confessions of evolution rejection. But, this should, at most, result in parole, because, like Muslims, evolutionist religion permits them to lie if there is any benefit to them.
  • An Evolutionist Colony in Antarctica could be a promising option. Of course inspections would be required to prevent too much progress. They might invent gunpowder.
  • A colony on Mars would prevent gunpowder from harming anyone but their own kind, in the unlikely event they turned out to be intelligent enough to invent it.
  • All options should include 24-hour sound system playing Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, and Sam Harris reading Darwin’s Origin of Species, or the preservation of Favored Races by Means of Natural Selection. Of course some will consider this cruel & unusual, especially since they will undoubtedly have that treatment for eternity.
  • Man- if there are really freaks like this who are allowed to run loose and spew this crap, then maybe the human race really is screwed.

    I end this post with Darin’s last point:

    3. People like this can get access to nuclear weapons in the USA. Sleep well tonight with that knowledge.


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    1. trashee says:

      Hell no. But by the Godless Chinese!
      Who for, oh, 15 centuries or so (correct me historians) used the mix only for fireworks and not as a weapon.

    2. Squid says:

      I guess those CSAMA guys never learned that gunpowder wasn’t invented by Christians.

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