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PETA, the Greyhound bus tragedy, & the most tasteless ad I have ever seen

This is one of the most heinous, tasteless and self-serving ads I have ever seen.

The little respect I had for PETA in the first place has completely vanished. I never have liked their methods and preachy holier-than-thou attitude, but this is waaaay beyond that.

Some bloggers as well as those who are commenting on this elsewhere are up in arms over this and rightfully so.

How dare PETA use this horrific tragedy to push forward their own agenda?

One of the commenters on the CBC article put it best by saying:

I am against the inhumane slaughter of animals, and support many organizations which try to put a stop to it.

But PETA is so far over the line here that it has undermined whatever credibility it had left.


Ugh indeed. And shame on you PETA.


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  1. bob says:

    i suppose it could be considered abit over the line but what they are saying is true it is still happening today why is it unacceptable for a human to die but for an animal it is?

  2. Dean says:

    Peta’s sole purpose is to push their vegan agenda on the rest of us in the name of ‘animal rights’. In the last 2 yrs. they have killed more than 90% of adoptable animals that came into their care. That is not caring about animals.

    Peta’s pres. has said outright that their ultimate goal is “total animal liberation”. That means no human/animal interaction at all, from our food animals to seeing-eye dogs. No pets, no milk or eggs, no cheese, no yogurt.

    Support your local SPCA or no-kill shelter. They do a much better job of actually caring for the critters. Peta should have it’s tax exempt status pulled and banned as a criminal organization due to their past and present actions. They have used your donations to pay the legal fees of convicted felons and to fund a bogus (the AMA has denounced them) medical organization they use to support their vegan viewpoint. They are scum.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Jeez, PETA really needs to think twice about some of the stuff they do. It’s destroying any credibility that ANY vegetarians/vegans had left, and most of what they do is get attention. I think they’ve developed a taste for the spotlight and any attention they get at all is good enough.
    They should be ashamed of themselves. How do they sleep at night?

  4. Vince says:

    It is astounding to think PETA would twist such a tragedy for their own benefit. How this tragic death can even be equated to those of an animal is beyond the pale.

    There is nothing wrong with caring for animals and standing against the brutal treatment of this world’s creatures and environment…HOWEVER, the value of a HUMAN LIFE should never take a back seat to that of an animal nor be twisted for a “provocative ad” – which is nothing more than tasteless.

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