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August 5th, 2008:

One sick little boy

I’m varying BIG TIME from my rants about Stephen Harper, censorship, the politics of cynicism, the Beijing Olympics, yah-da-yah-da-yah-da.

My little 16 month old son Owen just came home from the hospital that has been his home since early Monday after successfully fighting a Rotavirus.

Man – this is NOT something you want your kids to come in contact with. The poor little guy has been though Hell.

Owen is not a, uh, big guy. You know those growth charts that plot age and weight? Well, he’s looking up at the curves. Tho’ lately he has been gaining weight at a greater rate than other kids his age. But he doesn’t exactly have a lot of “reserve capacity”.

BUT, he somehow contracted this most brutal bug and has been hospitalised since Monday at 7 am. I had to think about the timing considering I am a little punch-drunk at the moment. Sleep deprivation and stress, ya know.

He started showing symptoms (i.e., he threw up) at 11:15 on Thursday night. Was not well through Friday but showed signs of improvement on Saturday. But his fever peaked over Saturday night despite doses of Tylenol. 7 am Sunday, we’re off to CHEO where they try to stick needles in his hand, but he was too dehydrated to present a good vein.

They found a vein in the crook of his arm and we’re admitted. While hospitals are not places that one wants to frequent very often, it was the best place he could be given the circumstances.

So, Colleen spent a couple of nights with him and I did some day duty while at watch over our very ill little boy. We hope that he hasn’t spread this any further.

Addy (4 year old) complained of a headache before bed last night and had a temp of a 100. Called Torii and she’s in bed cuz she doesn’t feel well. But both kids were fine this morning

It was a long few days but he seems much, much better and he is VERY happy to be home – as are we.

Doncha love parenthood?

When will “they” have a vaccination against EVERYTHING?

Oh, and yesterday was the day that Colleen and I should have been celebrating our 7th anniversary.

But most importantly, Owen is better and we can get on with our lives.