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Winnipeg criminals – whether to be Tasered or shot… hmmmm…

Here is a lesson for would-be criminals in Winnipeg.

Either you will be Tasered – possibly ending your existence on this blue and white marble.

Or, if said Taser malfunctions, (possibly due to the power switch being turned to “off” or maybe it was manufactured on a Friday?) you will be shot.

Again, ending your days of enjoying life’s little pleasures – such as breathing.

Not making any judgments here on whether or not the police officers did the right thing – tho’ there does seem to once again be an increase in Taser-related deaths – but if there are any Winnipegers out there who are thinking of breaking into a home, stealing a car or committing some other behaviour that may be interpreted by the Constabulary as anti-Criminal Code….

Don’t do it in Winnipeg.

Maybe move to Calgary.


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  1. Kristina says:

    .I feel the police should not judge without knowing.The police need help mentaly I feel as if some might crave violence and they might put other people in harm such as the young man who died .Im not saying they all need help but you never know! I know the police follow certain percautions in order to protect themselves but they half to protect the life of everyone including the young man himself .
    I feel as if this young man would have still been alive today if the police would have thought about what they were doing. and ask questions before they act and they didnt they asked to drop the weapon ! This man could have been talking on the phone and they could of shot him .So don’t judge .And stop changing the story so much I feel there hiding somthing or somthings not being said .

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