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August, 2008:

The Greens make the Big Time!

The Mothercorp reports that the Green Party has its first MP!

Mr. Blair Wilson is an ex-Grit Independent MP for the West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast-Sea to Sky Country riding. He was kicked out of Liberal caucus last year after allegations surfaced about spending irregularities in his 2006 campaign. Allegations that were unfounded according to Elections Canada.

The Green leader, Elizabeth May, has seized upon this development to claim her spot in the televised leadership debates that will take place during the next campaign; likely to take place this Fall since Stevie is just itchin’ to go to the polls.

I think May has a point. Her party is hovering around 10% in the polls with higher ratings in traditionally leftward leaning ridings. Of course, the ReformCons say “nope, sorry Liz… but ya can’t come and play in our sandbox.” And frankly, I don’t expect the Grits to say anything much different from the Reformer tone. The Greens would in all likelihood not drain any votes from the Neocons, but they would indeed do so from the Grits.. and the Dippers too.

In any case, this development further stresses my own decision-making matrix as I am forced once again to choose between who I truly support (The Greens) and who I feel I NEED to support in order  to fend off a full-frontal attack by the NeoCons (i.e., vote for the Grits… which in my riding actually ain’t so bad since our MP is strong and his views on important issues fit in quite nicely with mine).

Well, it looks like the writ will be dropped next week, so I had better get my mind into election mode real quickly!

Of course, all of this will be taking place while another election takes place in the country to the south of us. Lawrence Martin of the G&M has a great piece in Saturday’s edition about how the continental political landscape may look later this fall.

For political junkies like me, these are good times…


Yes Virginia, there are some craaaaaaaaazy Christians in the good ol’ US of A

Thanks once again to Darin o’er at the Squid Zone for pointing out that there are indeed folks on this planet who are crazier than a drunken Parry Sounder during huntin’ season… this group takes the cake.

Seriously, in full understanding that there are some freaks that roam the hiways and biways, the The Creation Science Association for Mid-America preaches intolerance and downright (and heck, in their warped little world – righteous) violence against anyone who happens to not agree with their uneducated, ignorant and warped view of the world.

Here are some the the headliners from their newsletter:

  • Should Evolutionists Be Allowed to Roam Free in the Land?
  • Why Are Evolutionists Typically Socialists

and they (I’m not making this up) recommend the following:

Clearly then, “evolutionists should not be allowed to roam free in the land.” All that remains for us to discuss is“What should be done with evolutionists?” For the purposes of this essay, I will ignore the minor issue of Western-style jurisprudence and merely mention possible solutions to the “evolutionism problem,” leaving the legal details to others:

  • Labor camps. Their fellow believers were high on these. But, my position would be that most of them have lived their lives at, or near the public trough. So, after their own beliefs, their life should continue only as long as they can support themselves in the camps.
  • Require them to wear placards around their neck, or perhaps large medallions which prominently announce “Warning:Evolutionist! Mentally Incompetent – Potentially Dangerous.” I consider this option too dangerous.
  • Since evolutionists are liars and most do not really believe evolution we could employ truth serum or water-boarding to obtain confessions of evolution rejection. But, this should, at most, result in parole, because, like Muslims, evolutionist religion permits them to lie if there is any benefit to them.
  • An Evolutionist Colony in Antarctica could be a promising option. Of course inspections would be required to prevent too much progress. They might invent gunpowder.
  • A colony on Mars would prevent gunpowder from harming anyone but their own kind, in the unlikely event they turned out to be intelligent enough to invent it.
  • All options should include 24-hour sound system playing Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, and Sam Harris reading Darwin’s Origin of Species, or the preservation of Favored Races by Means of Natural Selection. Of course some will consider this cruel & unusual, especially since they will undoubtedly have that treatment for eternity.
  • Man- if there are really freaks like this who are allowed to run loose and spew this crap, then maybe the human race really is screwed.

    I end this post with Darin’s last point:

    3. People like this can get access to nuclear weapons in the USA. Sleep well tonight with that knowledge.


    Why Steven Harper is breaking his own law


    Here we go again. It looks almost certain that Stevie and his neocons are going to break the fixed date legislation that they themselves introduced only a short while ago.

    Harper is claiming that Parliament has become dysfunctional and that he needs to be sure that the Government can put their agenda into place before proceeding.

    I have 2 issues with this:

    1. Parliament is not dysfunctional. Yes, Committee hearings have become a circus because ReformCons have been ignoring summons to appear and they have been using their handy-dandy PMO (Karl Rove-ish) contrived manual on how to make Committee meetings dysfunctional. But these are the PMO’s antics – not those of the other parties.
    2. Not going to the House to test a claim of confidence but rather using the opposition leaders’ willingness to meet with his holiness is pretty damned cheeky; if not illegal. Unfortunately, the days of GG Byng are long gone and it is doubtful that our current GG will do anything but dissolve Parliament and trigger an election as the Harperites want.

    So why is Mr. Harper so desperate for an election now and not willing to wait until his goivernment has been brought down legitimately on a matter of confidence?

    The reasons are simple:

    • Liberal candidates are winning in all four of the by-elections currently underway – the Conservatives didn’t anticipate this shift, and they cannot afford the perception that they are losing traction.
    • Harper’s concern is only enhanced by the continuing Elections Canada investigation into the Conservatives alleged “in & out” scheme.
    • the House of Commons continues to investigate Brian Mulroney’s dealings with KarlHeinz Schrieber.
    • A late fall ot early winter election would ride on the coattails of a likely (yes, likely) Obama win to the south and this would benefits the Grits.
    • The economy will continue to feel the effects of the recession in the States.
    • The visions of more poor boys making the trip home from Afghanistan in caskets are not pleasant.
    • The somewhat distant possibility that M. Dion will begin to appeal to Canadians.
    • Conservative polling numbers remain stagnant in Ontario and Québec.

    So Stevie is rolling the dice and calling Stèphane names as a prelude to one full-blown hissy fit that he’ll launch as soon as the writ is dropped. Like a bully in the schoolyard, he has beaten up all of the other kids and now is taking his marbles and going home.


    Vaccinating your kids and the connection to autism: plus other myths

    Good post by Darin over in The Squid Zone on how some parents are eschewing, for various unfounded reasons, vaccinations for their kids due to fears about autism, promiscuousness and other fairy tale consequences.

    I’ve run across this a few times myself. Fairly recently, upon mentioning to an acquaintance that we were arranging to have my eldest get Gardasil, which has been SCIENTIFICALLY proven to reduce the rate of certain cervical cancers, I received a very weird reaction.



    Maybe Warsaw (Ontario) is next?

    Did you know that Russian troops are thrusting into the outskirts of Savannah, Georgia? That’s what readers will learn from a Google Maps graphic accompanying a news story about Russian incursions into Georgia — the nation-state in the Caucasus, not the Caucasian-pride-ridden state in the southern United States. Google’s mixup will not help Yahoo Answers user Jessica B., who presciently asked, “i herd on the news that rusia has invaded but i dont see them no where wats going on.” A screenshot of Google’s erroneous invasion map:


    Mikael Silvestre joins Arsenal!

    Another fine signing by Arsenal.

    Good to see that Ms. Silvestre is showing the good taste of moving from a sinking ship to a proud side like the Gunners.

    There have actually been quite a few ex-Manure Utd. players who have switched sides.


    Listeriosis and the danger of privatization

    So much for Stevie’s bright idea about handing over more of the food inspection duties to the industry to self-administer. With this recall due to a death of one person and several illnesses caused by listeria, Harper must be rethinking his government’s strategy that was leaked to the media by a (now “ex”) Canada Food Inspection Agency employee.

    Under Harper’s plan, the CFIA inspectors would have never caught the problem at the plant and many, many folks – and lots of kids – would probably be dead. Who in their right mind really thinks that putting the surveillance function in the hands of the meat-packing industry would be a safer option???

    What a blatant disregard for public health by the Conservatives!


    Nyet, nyet Soviets!

    Not going to go into panic mode here and start running around like a Marxist at a Walmart convention… but this is starting to be a little worrying.

    Sure, the Russians are going back to their tried and true Stalinist / Soviet ways: intimidate / terrorise and, if all else fails, invade those countries that do not kowtow to the Bear’s whims.

    Worst of all, the Kremlin isn’t doing a damn thing to assuage the worries in the West.

    Stay tuned…


    Georgia, Russia, Putin and eerie similarities

    There is something frighteningly familiar about Putin’s venture into the Caucasus.

    They (well, Putin) are thumbing their collective noses at the West for their incursion into Georgia.

    The Russian Defense Minister is doing some sabre-rattling about Poland’s willingness to accept U.S. ground to air missiles based on Polish soil.

    Massive egoist at the helm in Russia.

    American troops are elsewhere engaged in a useless and unnecessary campaign.

    Yeah – I’m getting a little nervous.

    One of the commentators on the Mothercorp said this:

    I am amazed that anyone supports Russia’s atrocities.
    Get a book. Go back to school. See a psychiatrist.
    But, don’t support the country with the worst record in human decency.
    Read about Stalin.
    Read about the second world war.
    Read about Poland. Etc. Etc. Etc.
    Read about Chechnya right next door in time and geography.
    Or talk to anyone born in Russia, living in Canada with loved ones still in Russia
    Get real.

    Yeah – but “real” is freakin’ scary.

    Stay tuned.




    Woo-hoo Arsenal!

    The first of many victories for the Gunners this season!

    Nasri is going to be rockin' this year!

    Nasri is going to be rockin