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July 31st, 2008:

Greyhound bus killing

Dear reader:

After 45 years, there isn’t a whole lot that shocks me anymore. Seen a lot. Read a lot. Heard a lot.

I know that there are some things that happen that defy explanation.

But this is surreal and I am most definitely shocked.

Makes me wonder what has to “unclick” in one’s mind to commit such an atrocity. Was he high on something? Was he a bomb waiting to go off? Did he just have a bad few days? The media will latch on to a reason for this and run with it. Maybe he was abused as a child. Maybe he was off his meds. Maybe he was recently released from an institution. Whatever “reason” is put forth cannot explain such actions.

I am not a spiritual man by any definition and I don’t believe in the existence of a god or of a guiding force. And related to this is my lack of acceptance of the notion of good or evil.

Dunblane, Columbine, Paul Bernardo. Now this.

I may have to rethink the whole “evil” angle.


Stevie Harper is up to his old childish games – again

So Stevie is daring St├Ęphane to force an election, eh? Just like a schoolboy in the playground, little Stevie is engaging in cheap taunts and dares. This so-called government should be ashamed of themselves!

I can only HOPE that the Grits DO fall for the taunts and call the Reform Conservative party’s bluff. There is no way that the Liberals can win an election with their current leader. But with the economic news showing that the economic output is starting to tank, now might be the time that Stevie and his little friends can be held to another minority. Then, the Liberals can hold a leadership review and install someone who can actually win a future majority. Martha Hall-Findlay, Bob Rae or Gerard Kennedy come to mind.