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Talking globs of grease

Just when you thought that the Harperites have done everything possible to portray themselves as a group of Abbott and Costello clones (my apologies to Abbott and Costello), they off and do or say something even more laughable than before.

According to the G&M, the Harperites’ plans to run yet another attack ad campaign is at risk because the advertiser hired to run the ads is balking. A number of gas stations have installed video screens on which one can watch mundane things like weather forecasts and sports and biz updates while gassing up your SUV. I have personally never seen one of these screens, but do understand the need to divert the attention away from the amount of $$$’s one is pumping into said motor vehicle.

But the company in charge of these systems is saying that it reserves the right to withhold ads that may be political in nature. There is a practical business side to a decision like this: what fuel distributor in their right mind would want to risk alienating a significant sector of the driving public by associating themselves – intentionally or otherwise – with a political party???

Anyways – you can see that this will of course end up in court as the Harperites say that “a contract is a contract” and litigation is by far the favourite dispute resolution mechanism of this government.


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