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The McGuinty and Charest tag team

Now isn’t this interesting… our two largest provinces teaming up to take the initiative on a cap and trade system – effectively snubbing their noses at the Harperites.

Both Premiers know that there is a general feeling amongst their voters that the nation as a whole hasn’t shown the leadership on this file that was expected. The Harperites have done little in the way of new initiatives (The tax credit for a buss pass? Gimme a break!) and some of the provinces like Alberta (Inc.) have actually “de“-volved in this area. Good ol‘ B.C. can always be counted on but we really did need some leadership from the central provinces.

Kudos to both Charest and McGuinty for this – whether you agree with it or not, at least someone is showing initiative.

It will be interesting to see how the PMO reacts to this but the initial signs are predictable. Bull-dog Baird has sniffed and said that it’s “political posturing”. But if the citizens of the provinces agree with the proposal and the Harperites do a poll and find that this is so, they may try to back pedal a bit.

Don’t forget that these folks are the champs in the realm of politics of cynicism!


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