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May, 2008:

Bill C-10

I posted a rant about this earlier. And now the Harperites (specifically Jimbo “I wanna railway” Flaherty) want to make the passage of this censorship bill a matter of confidence!


Now – only if Dion’s Liberals can muster up the guts to turn this aside and force a call to the polls…

Hey, I can dream, can’t I?

In any case, if your MP is a Grit, send them an email pleading them to vote against this Bill and send us into an election on the issue! Worst case scenario: the Harperites are re-elected with another minority and the smart Liberals take charge and elect a leader who is in touch with the grassroots of the party and the nation.

Seriously, are there many Canadian minds that are going to be changed to the Harperite’s favour over the issue of a “tax credit”? If you don’t support public funding of Canuck film and TV in general… fine – I can see the argument. But DON’T make this a decision taken by someone at Canada Heritage who is going by strict guidelines dictated by the monolithic PMO!

Think about it – Porky’s would have never been made! L’horreur!

For those of you on Facebook, here is a link to a group that has formed to mobilize against C-10:


The trials and tribulations of our Mayor

Ottawa’s most Honourable Mayor is now the subject of a well-written and insightful blog named Zero Means Zero.

This is written by, but more likely being informed by, someone who is VERY close to the intricacies and subtleties in City Hall.

Sigh. Not only is L.O’B. making Bytown a laughingstock but he is also a shame to all of us who are BBC (Bald By Choice).