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Global warming – from a 4 year old’s perspective

Sometimes a child’s eyes is the best lens through which we can simplify complex issues.

Take my youngest daughter, for instance. Yesterday, and unprovoked, she informed her Mom and I that she wanted a “lot” of ice cubes to put outside.


For the polar bears.

“Because their ice is melting and they are going to drown in the water”.

Nice, eh?


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  1. John says:

    As long as you didn’t replace the old clunker with a Hummer, you’re likely correct!

  2. BHUVAN CHAND says:

    On Earth Day, I bought a new car.

    The good news is that, since my old car had been running for a good 6 months with the “Check engine” light on, I’m probably fouling the air less than I was the day before.

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