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March, 2008:

‘puters, pills & paint

Look at what those wise folks at the national numbers agency are up to now.

Very Cool Report



A comment on cbc .ca today

Yeah “Every Canadian” can hire a lawyer and sue when they are mistreated. Absolutely, we are all rich in Canada. The government hands out gold to everyone, every month, hundreds of kilograms of gold..

Harper, you made a bribe and got caught. You went the Roger Clemens route, instead of blaming someone and firing them.

There will be an election; the Conservative Party of Canada keeps calling me for support.

It is time to change this government; they are too closed up for Canadians. I do not believe Canadians are interested in a government resembling the United States in secrecy.

And that is the crux of the matter folks. The Harper government is about secrecy – not democracy. It is about control and not about transparency – it is that simple.

Yeah – I’ve been a politician in the past – a lot of you know that. But this ex-politico has never been as scared as he is now about the idea of this one person having absolute control in this country. We have to stop him. Now.


Tiny tots are terrorized – apparently

There was a piece in this Globe and Mail article about anxiety disorders being surprisingly common among children. The piece goes on to describe little Cody who has this unnatural fear that is described in the following way:

“In the waiting room at the anxiety clinic at Montreal Children’s Hospital, Cory cheerfully draws, hums and skips like any other preschooler.

But when he is led into an observation room and spots 10 strangers – a team of doctors, medical students and therapists here to assess him – he squeezes his eyes shut and ducks behind his mother, pressing his face into her back.”

I don’t know about you, but even my middle-aged fear would kick in if I was in the same situation! I mean, what do you expect?! A team of 10 strangers in white lab coats? THIS is unnatural anxiety?

It seems like the poor kid was assessed for autism because his 10-year-old half-brother, Connor, has the genetic cognitive disorder. After autism was ruled out, two other experts suggested he had selective mutism, an anxiety disorder in which children refuse to speak in social situations.

Selective mutism? Aren’t ALL kids selectively mute? And especially in new situations? But happily, the conclusion that has been reached is that the kid may have separation anxiety disorder along with obsessive-compulsive disorder.

The telling few sentences are the following:

“Ms. Mercier, a researcher at a medical company, says the label doesn’t matter as long as treatment comes with it.

“For me, it’s like, label him with something so we can help him,” she said.”

So. Let me get this straight. The parents are freaked that this 4 year old is shy in social situations and especially when surrounded by a large group of strangers in white coats and who are likely using words that the kid doesn’t even understand. And all of this is coming about because the well-meaning parents say they “just want Cory to feel good about himself in public. They want him to be able to order pizza, join a swim team or dial 911 if he’s in trouble.”

Order pizza? My four year old can’t order pizza either! Nor can my teenager! But hey, as long as the experts can label them – it’s all good because then we know what medication and or other therapy the kid should be subjected to.

Man, I, along with most of the kids I knew growing up should have been on meds at a very young age! I’m sure an expert – be they a psychologist or a teacher – would have labelled me as rebellious, out of touch with reality as I daydreamed quite a bit – and obviously as an obsessive/compulsive due to my pencil chewing habit!


Bill C-10

As many of you may know, the Cons in Ottawa are trying to push through their very first (though certainly not the last) censorship bill. For a little commentary on how the religious right has influenced the drafting of this Bill, see a posting I wrote a little while back called The jig is up for the Conservatives!

For those on Facebook, here is the link to a group that has been organized to mobilize opposition to the development of Stevie’s own little Ministry of Truth:

This is important, folks. If this passes as-is, then Big Brother – through withholding of tax credits – have the ability to dictate the content of any Canadian film endeavor. There are some who argue that no one in the industry should receive credits and that the value of the film should be determined by the marketplace. And maybe this argument has some merit.

But whether one disagrees with the public funding of the arts or not, I think we can all agree that Big Brother should not have the right to grant or withhold said funding based on whether or not the work aligns with the government’s priorities!


Gunners prevail!

Yeah, I know this isn’t along the usual lines of this blog – but I love my Gunners ALMOST as much as the Blue and White!


The National Portrait Gallery – video

Paul Dewar’s campaign to locate the Gallery in Ottawa.

Keep national institutions in the Nation’s Capital – and NOT where the Conservatives want it – in the boardroom of an oil company in downtown Calgary!

Please sign the petition at


Harper’s politics of cynicism – National Portrait Gallery

‘What? Are we going to have the RCMP, I don’t know, sponsored by ‘Coke guns’ or something? I mean, these are national institutions.”

Great article in the Hill Times about re-locating the National Portrait Gallery to a berg other than the National Capital.