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The beautiful game

Those of you who are familiar with me on a personal (in a corporeal sense) level are aware that I am a bit of a sports fanatic – but am particularly crazy about hockey and soccer.

We in the Capital are fortunate to be hosting some of the matches for the FIFA U-20 World Cup – the second biggest sports tournament on the planet. Through the soccer association for which I coach my daughter’s U-15 team, I purchased tickets to all of the games being held here in town and am really pumped about today’s matches involving Argentina and North Korea and the U.S. and Brazil.

The Brazilian teams are legendary and the U-20 team has been the springboard to the pros for many fine players. This match should be a joy to watch.

Unfortunately, our own side isn’t really doing so well. They lost to a superior Chilean side 3-0 in their first fixture and lost to a so-so Austrian team last night by 1-0. The Canucks looked slow and outclassed – doing little creative with the ball aside from firing it through the midfield at every opportunity to try and catch the Austrian defenders napping.

It didn’t work.

And that will pretty much tie up the tourney for our side. We never thought for a moment that they could actually win the tournament, but many did think they would get out the group round.

Who to cheer on next? I’m partial to the Congo if they get through – great ball movement and individual skills.

Catch some of the matches on TV or live if you are able – it is simply artistry in motion!


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