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June, 2007:

Happy 140th!

Me, I love Canada Day! Those of us who are lucky to reside in the nation’s capital have a bit of a different perspective than the rest of the country. My family and I try to make it down to the Hill every few years just to re-experience the atmosphere. You and 300,000 others are crowded into the area in and around the Parliamentary Precinct and everyone is celebrating loudly and proudly. For those who have never experienced Canada Day in Ottawa – make it one of those things that you vow to do before you die. Trust me – it’ll be worth it!
And because Canada Day wouldn’t be Canada Day without gleefully comparing ourselves to the jingoists to the south, I thought I’d add a great quote from a man that many of us wish were a Canuck but isn’t – Michael Moore:
“I would like to apologize for referring to George W. Bush as a ‘deserter.’ What I meant to say is that George W. Bush is a deserter, an election thief, a drunk driver, a WMD liar and a functional illiterate. And he poops in his pants.”
There are more of these nuggets in the The G&M today


Arcade Fire stole Canada’s common sense!

First if you don’t get the cultural ref. in the title line – get with it!

OK – two things in the past few days set off the Trashy-o-what-the-hell?????? meter.

First, it seems as though there a lot more creationists co-existing with the olTrashmo here in the Great White North than I had thought. In fact ONLY 56% firmly believe in evolution. Whereas there are 32% that For Some Unbeknownst Distorted Sense of Illogic believe a big omnipresent and omniscient god-like figure may have thought up the whole shooting‘ match.


This is what freaked me out the very most.

We are ONLY a few percent behind the Yanks!

(for the statisticians reading this, 12% had no opinion)

We are in the 21st century so can we not move away from this? Please?

Second thing:

The kid who was expelled from school in Saskatchewan for talking about some legitimate research he had done on the relative negative health impacts of marijuana versus booze and smokes… remember him? Kieran King?

Well, the Wawota Parkland School that suspended him in the first place has gone back and said “yeah, about the whole losing your marks thing cuz we wouldn’t let you write your final exams… well, uh, fah-get about it… you can keep your honour roll status.”

Great – but kinda hollow, don’t you think? I mean, the principal called in the freakin‘ Mounties and put the school in lock-down mode – not to mention the embarrassment caused by this over reaction to the kid, his family and the town of Wawota! This kid is no dealer or user. He’s a good student who was doing some legitimate research and reached some conclusions that were not in line with the thinking of the principal or – one would assume – the Board.

My advice to King’s parents is that they should sue the ass off the principal and school board. And at the very least, the school board should reimburse the Mounties for the time they spent on this silly matter – time that has cost the Canadian taxpayer money!


Ten things Trashy would rather do than be a sen fan.

  1. Vote for Canada’s neutered government
  2. Eat glass soaked in camel urine and otter dung
  3. Convert to Christianity
  4. Adopt a pet. Any pet. But especially a dog.
  5. Send a donation to GWB
  6. Have a balloon filled with H2SO4 blow up in my front pocket
  7. Slit a cut down my abdomen, roll around in iodine and then go face first down a water slide
  8. Give up coaching soccer
  9. Give up beer and wine – completely
  10. Become a vegan