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Wassup with Sen fans – deuxieme partie

Marc and Gordon are prancin‘ around work like a coupla teenagers who just did the horizontal bop for the first time!

Four things have contributed to this elevated state of self-importance:

  1. The Schmens won last night
  2. It happens to be the 40th anniversary of The Chief and the rest of the ’67 Buds hoisting Lord Stanley – and of course all of those small town media outlets that the natives like to call “radio stations” are all over it.
  3. I have thus far been indifferent to their crowing – and this has frustrated them to no end.
  4. They and many of their friends are suffering from an ailment that is only seen within the confines of Ottawa – though there have been symptoms of it in Edmonton and Calgary as well). This condition is called schaadenleaf – a variant of the German term schaadenfreud – meaning the taking pleasure in someone else’s pain or misfortune. This variant is known as schaadenoil and schaadenflame in the west.

Allow me to explain this further.

Nowhere else in Canada are its citizens so oblivious to the successes of its own hockey team than in Ottawa. The Sens are an exciting and young team that may just go all the way this year.

But do the Sens’ bandwagon fans (99% of them) really notice?

No way – cuz they are way too busy harping on Leaf Nation!

A typical conversation around here and elsewhere in Bytown between a member of Leaf Nation and a Sen fan goes like this:

Leaf Nation:

Hey! You must be really happy! The Sens pulled out a close one last night! Emery looked great.

Sen fan:


Leaf Nation:

I don’t get. Hello?! Sens fans? We really don’t care! Honest! Many of us actually wish you luck. We won’t cheer for your team but we do wish you well!

I’m hoping that this is clear enough.


Leaf Nation


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  1. Trashy says:

    Thanks – but I’m pretty sure you’ll find it difficult in landing a single member of Leaf Nation willing to jump on the bandwagon!
    Look up “loyalty” in the dictionary and you’ll see the Blue and White.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sigh, John, all I said was that I heard on the radio that it was the 40th anniversary of when the Leafs last won the cup and I get this diatribe!! Wow, Leaf fans really are SENSative! I mean man its been only 40 years…feels like it was just yesterday that Ballard ran that team into the ground (memories….) but I digress…

    What did strike me about the whole 40 years ago thing was that it was May 2nd when the playoffs finished back then and not the beginning of Summer like it is now. Of course there are more teams now than the original six and the owners are gready so they want a best of seven series which contributes to the late champion crowning. Why not start the season earlier or make the first round a best of 5….just a thought! If it gets any later we might as well call it field hockey and replace the ice for grass…no not the smoking kind!

    Back to Sens fans…yes, some Sens fans can be fickle and yes they do jump off the bandwagon at the slightest bout of anxiety (not I as you can attest to John). I have always supported my team through thick and thin (like last October/November and all of the too shortened playoff runs….can 5 and out be considered a run!).

    For all you Leafies out there…join and cheer for the only Canadian team that has a realistic shot at the cup this year (sorry Canuck fans you are toast). I am sure we can find plenty of room on the ‘ole Sens bandwagon for you all…

    GO SENS GO!!


  3. Trashy says:

    ‘Tis true. Ottawa sports fans are not exactly the most loyal – and that is being kind.

    We have a AAA baseball team (the Lynx) who, in a great facility and in a great location (unlike Scotiabank Place) regularly draw only about 20% of its capacity. It’s the best deal in town by far but no one cares.

  4. Gordon says:

    To be fair, the only comment I made was that the Leafs hadn’t won the Cup in my lifetime.

    You’ve lived in Ottawa long enough to know that Ottawa fans are fickle, regardless of the sport, beit football, baseball, croquet or hockey.

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