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May, 2007:

Warm weather begets less bitchin’

I looked at the date of my last post and realized that as we move deeper into late spring and early summer, the less cantankerous I become.

Being a polar nation, I think we Canucks are a lot more forgiving at this time of the year. Regardless of the intensity of the winter – winter is winter and that draws out the most sarcastic vitriolic and cynical of us. When we get these 25-30 degree temps, all seems somewhat better – more balanced if you will – and we tend to sit back on our patios with our beers and say wtf.

I’m not going soft – you understand.

It’s just that I have my first match on the pitch next Tuesday (I coach the teen’s soccer team) and this is the lead-in to summer. Those hot days, wearing my bandanna, are just ahead. So it’s tough to sack Stevie comme d’habitude or go on about the moron in the U S of A.


Gotta get my game back, eh?

Tune back soon – there’s sure to be something soon to turn my crank anti-clockwise.

Meanwhile, where’s that Shiraz?



great piece in the Globe about Teens the other day.

As a father of one of these strange critters hell-bent on leather in chasing me to the Royal Ottawa, I happily recommend this article.


Hey Jerry. Psyche!

Man, Jerry is probably some pissed to find out that he has been completely off base.

Jerry Falwell, founder of the moral majority, hater of gays, liberals and TeleTubbies – gone to the great nuthin.

I feel like a party.


God? Dino the dinosaur? Take yer pick.

There be many a day when Trashy looks to the sky and sez – “HUH”?

For many of my friends, they immediately recognize this reaction as one that comes about when the subject of religion arises.

Now – lemme make it clear that the olTrashmo sez to live and let live – tho’ he’s gotta from time to time wonder what the f***?

I mean, we see these intellectuals saying that dinosaurs and humans co-existed and this solves the whole debate between bad ol‘ science and pure olcreationism. They call themselves the “Young Earthers“.

I like to call them “descendants of Fred Flintstone“.

Well – maybe Barney Rubble.

The great thing about the Internet is that everyone- including the crackpots – can put forth their ideas to a very large audience.

The bad thing about the Internet is that everyone- including the crackpots – can put forth their ideas to a very large audience.

In the “God Delusion” Richard Dawkins shows how religion fuels war, foments bigotry, and abuses children, buttressing his points with historical and contemporary evidence. The God Delusion makes a compelling case that belief in God is not just wrong, but potentially deadly.

I will never understand how a very educated and intelligent person can take heart in the existence of a force that, for me, is simply an inconceivable notion akin to a legend or a myth.

But aye – there be many of these. and like, I said – live and let live – that is one of the benefits of living in a free country.

As Dawkins says, the only reason we tolerate such absurd beliefs is because there are so many of them – like, BILLIONS! Else they would be confined to the fringe of society along with the flat-earthers, Scientologists, Conservatives and evil step-mothers.

Thankfully, our freedoms do include, for the moment, the freedom to think rationally.


Stevie and Johnny B. are NOT happy campers!

Check out these heavy handed tactics that were no doubt initiated by the PMO!

The obvious question is why was this fellow handcuffed in his office and led away by RCMP officers – only to be released without charges a short time later?

It wouldn’t be to intimidate the Public Service! Wouldn’t it?



The French Connection

Rene Robert, Richard Martin et Gilbert Perreault – I always admired and I have always liked Buffalo as a city. Despite the burned out car hulks.

They have loyal fans – much different than the fly-by-night ones in Ottawa!

Sabres in FIVE!


Canada’s Neutered Government and Eco-inaction

I’m not sure who is behind this, but it is hilarious!


Wassup with Sen fans – deuxieme partie

Marc and Gordon are prancin‘ around work like a coupla teenagers who just did the horizontal bop for the first time!

Four things have contributed to this elevated state of self-importance:

  1. The Schmens won last night
  2. It happens to be the 40th anniversary of The Chief and the rest of the ’67 Buds hoisting Lord Stanley – and of course all of those small town media outlets that the natives like to call “radio stations” are all over it.
  3. I have thus far been indifferent to their crowing – and this has frustrated them to no end.
  4. They and many of their friends are suffering from an ailment that is only seen within the confines of Ottawa – though there have been symptoms of it in Edmonton and Calgary as well). This condition is called schaadenleaf – a variant of the German term schaadenfreud – meaning the taking pleasure in someone else’s pain or misfortune. This variant is known as schaadenoil and schaadenflame in the west.

Allow me to explain this further.

Nowhere else in Canada are its citizens so oblivious to the successes of its own hockey team than in Ottawa. The Sens are an exciting and young team that may just go all the way this year.

But do the Sens’ bandwagon fans (99% of them) really notice?

No way – cuz they are way too busy harping on Leaf Nation!

A typical conversation around here and elsewhere in Bytown between a member of Leaf Nation and a Sen fan goes like this:

Leaf Nation:

Hey! You must be really happy! The Sens pulled out a close one last night! Emery looked great.

Sen fan:


Leaf Nation:

I don’t get. Hello?! Sens fans? We really don’t care! Honest! Many of us actually wish you luck. We won’t cheer for your team but we do wish you well!

I’m hoping that this is clear enough.


Leaf Nation