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So what’s the excuse this time?

Like most intelligent folks, I accept the fact that relative to other commodities, the price of gasoline ain’t so bad. I’ve read those interesting – though meaningless – stats about what the price of perfume would be if it were charged on a per litre basis.

And, I also known that compared to a popular and similarly priced consumer good like bottled water, the mark-up on gasoline is far less considering the production costs required

But I have to wonder about a couple of things:

1) – and this isn’t new – why are price increases due the increased cost of West Texas crude so quickly reflected at the pump but decreases take months to take effect.

2) Why are we paying (in Ottawa) $1.06 / litre when we were told that the plus $1 prices were temporary due to the fire at the refinery in Sarnia and the CN railway strike….. and temporary was a few months back!

I know the Competition Tribunal has looked at collusion in the industry a gazillion times and has absolved those poor energy sector folks from any wrong-doing, but this just doesn’t make sense – especially in light of the fact that these same firms are raking in billions of buckaroos in profit each QUARTER.

Have we Canadians becomes so damned complacent that we simply lie back, think of the Queen and take it?

But on the practical side, it isn’t as if we have options here… our gas-guzzlers need the smelly stuff and it’s not like we can get it just anywhere.

So they have us by the short-hairs, eh?

But here’s a thought – while we have to buy our gas from these practitioners of usury, we don’t have to shop in their stores, buy their anti-freeze or frequent their coffee shops.

Is this possible, can we rebel to such an arrogant degree?

Wow – it wouldn’t be the Tea Party, but it might send a message.


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