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whythehell would trashy care about rosieO’Donnell

Check out this column by John Doyle – who comments on TV and the modern media for the globe – but often goes way beyond that simple descriptor.

He talks about how a seemingly inconsequential departure from a seemingly insignificant daytime talk show says a lot about the influence of the right wing media in the US.
Now, I’m no fan of Rosie O’D… dunno if I could even spot her on the street.

But here’s what I do know:

She has slammed GWB for Iraq and has dared to question the White House dogma.
She has pissed off homo-phobes cuz, well, she is one of those gawd-hatin‘ gays!
But best of all – she has sent Willy O’Reilly into conniption fits with her comments about the war in Iraq, impeachment and even Tupperware!

OK – not so sure about the Tupperware.

But, at the same instant that I am all a-fritter about this…. and not even knowing who this women is…. I think aloud about the following:

In my o-so-limited education, I have learned a few things about the behaviour of despots:

1) There is a Purge of non-believers at the beginning of the reign of the despot. Those who were loyal to the previous administration are unceremoniously turfed out on their hinnies. Witness what happened to poor ol‘ Paul Martin. The former Canadian PM and Finance Minister was banished to the back benches of J. Chretien’s government when he dared to challenge for the leadership while ol‘ Jean was still in 24 Sussex.

No sooner than you could say “golf balls” was Paul M the old PM in the back of the centre block.

2) BUT – and more relevant to this scribbling is the tendency of despots to clean house when they feel that all is lost. Rosie is out the door due to pressure from the main stream media through the White House. GW Jr. is defending his inner circle even stronger than ever and the right wing morons on Fox, MSNBC and CNN are frothing at the mouth even more than usual about the “home front” of Americans letting the troops down in their hour of need.

They are circling the wagons folks and that can only mean that they are fearful of a successful attack or that they are preparing for an offensive offensive.


So – is the count-down to the reign of the neo-cons coming to an end? By their panicky twitchings, I think that they think so.

And, since they are SO much smarter than we weak-kneed liberals, I guess they gotta be right!


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