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Cynicism as an approach to governing

Now, this olTrashman wouldn’t normally cite anything that comes out of the mouths of one of the organs of the neo-con Kingdom, but Gerry Nicholls – the former head of the right-wing lobby group, the National Citizens Coalition – penned this article in the G&M recently.
In it, he talks about the need for true Conservatives to keep up the pressure on the Harperites to stay true to the starboard-leaning course.
Nicholls says:

“But here is the most important reason we conservatives must keep the pressure on Harper and his crew: If we don’t they will sell us down the river.
To be blunt, Prime Minister Harper is engaged in a cynical political game, moving his party to the political left in the hopes of wooing those Canadians who typically vote Liberal.”

This is a very telling statement from one who, until recently, was one of Stevie’s biggest cheerleaders. Granted, one has to understand this article in its proper context – Mr. Nicholls was recently let go from his post after publicly criticising Stevie and his band for the curiously red-tinged budget that was tabled last month. However, the phrase “cynical political game” is, in this stressed-out scribbler’s opinion, what best describes the Reform Conservative approach to governing over the past 16 months.

This government is working not for good policy but for that elusive majority. But that goal seems even more distant as poll after poll suggests that Steve et al have hit a ceiling of 40% and cannot move above it. This, despite facing a fractured, disorganised and leadership-challenged opposition!

But still the ol‘ gang trudges along – looking more like the Liberals than the Liberals did in the past decade or so. My question is: at what point does the bedrock base of Harper’s support begin to get all itchy about the doling out gazillions of $C to Quebec, the increased spending and the seeming abandonment of the social conservative agenda in order to get seats in QC and the 905?

When this happens, I hope the Grits or the Greens or someone are ready to take advantage of it!


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