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Québec and the new kid in town

I was glued to the computer and TV last night watching the Québec election results come in … reminded me of what happened in Ont. in the early 90’s when Bob Rae was elected in 1990. NO ONE saw it coming – absolutely no one.

I’m a bit concerned tho’ that QC is going the way of Ontario in the sense that the ex-urban and rural areas are discontented and voting in a party in protest… like the Conservative in Ontario, the ADQ seems to have tapped into this discontent and the schism between urban, ex-urban and rural is growing wider.

Combine that with the disproportionate representation that non-urban areas have in the National Assembly (and Parliament), and you have the potential for a sharp shift to the right – a shift that may not be reflective of the majority of voters – but reflective of a majority of those who don’t live in cities.

The real question what will this development do to the fortunes of federal Reform Conservatives in the province. Québec has traditionally voted to offset federal choices with provincial in terms of the political spectrum. Québec voters may feel that, because they have essentially turfed out the separatist péquistes, they need to balance that by voting for the BQ instead of the Conservatives.

Time will tell.

On another note, some of you may be aware that my Resident Love Goddess is due to give birth any minute now. So, if I am away from the blogosphere for a week or so, it isn’t due to laziness or a lack of good material, but because of sleepless nights, diapers and convincing our three year old that having a new sibling is a good thing.

Hopefully, I won’t have to convince the 14 year old of the same.


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